The Paraclete (Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl) and the "mass Kundalini awakening that brings about global self-realizations for humanity.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji (Mar 21, 1923 - Feb 23, 2011)
Mar 21, 1923—Feb 23, 2011
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was
Christian by birth, Hindu by
marriage, and Paraclete by duty.
"The Paraclete represents direct,
intimate divine intervention,
supporting and teaching
believers and challenging the
world, as Jesus did.” "The
Paraclete cannot be received by
the world (14:17), as Jesus
himself was rejected (5:43; 12:48;
15:18-20). The world which does
not know the Paraclete (14:17)
did not know Jesus (16:13).”
Daniel B. Stevick, Jesus and His
, 2011, pp. 290 & 292

"Rudolf Bultmann ... calls the coming of the Redeemer (Paraclete) an 'eschatological event,' 'the turning-point of the ages'.” — George Eldon Ladd

"The reaction of the world to the Paraclete will be much the same as the world's reaction was to Jesus.” — Berard L. Marthaler

"But She—the Spirit, the Paraclete ...—will teach you everything.” — Danny Mahar

"The functions of the Paraclete spelled out in verses 13-15... are all acts of open and bold speaking in the highest degree.” — David Fleer

"They will be privileged to know the Paraclete, as they have known Jesus (14:7, 9, 17). The Spirit will be within the disciples and will remain with them.” — Robert Creech

The Paraclete's"Appearance means that sin, righteousness, and judgment will be revealed.” — Georg Strecker

"Because of the presence of the Paraclete in the life of the believer, the blessings of the end-times—the eschaton—are already present.” — Robert Kysar

"The Spirit acts in such an international situation as the revealer of 'judgment' on the powers that rule the world.” — Michael Welker

"Stephen Smalley asserts that 'the Spirit-Paraclete ... in John's Gospel is understood as personal, indeed, as a person.'" — Marianne Meye Thompson

“I know all ... but I have not revealed it so far. It will be slowly revealed by me because people have not been prepared yet to become capable of absorbing it.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Bombay, India — February 26, 1987

"The Paraclete's ministry to the disciples both goes beyond and is limited by Jesus' ministry. On the one hand, the Paraclete would teach the disciples 'll things' (14:26), and so the disciples would know more from the Paraclete's teaching than they knew from Jesus' teaching (see 1 John 2:27)... The Spirit's teaching went beyond what Jesus taught only in that it deepened their understanding of what He said.
Jesus' statements in John 14:25-26 are closely paralleled by those in 16:12-15... What may be implicit in John 14:25-26, that Jesus had limited what He told the disciples because of their inability to understand, is made explicit in 16:12. They had trouble understanding what He did tell them, and now the reason for that is made plain: their abilities are limited.” (Hamilton 2006, 80)

Shri Mataji 1983 TV Interview (Houston, USA: Live with questions)

Note: This 4000-page site is an effort to enable humanity to grasp the vastness of the Spirit-Paraclete's Apocalypse, mystically and esoterically revealed to children by The Mother Kundalini (Kukulkan) within themselves since 1993. This site explains in detail the Apocalypse—evidence, source, nature, knowledge and means to evolve into the Spirit—that may also help set into motion the initial post-December 21, 2012 global shift in consciousness—the"mass Kundalini awakening that brings about global self-realizations for humanity.”

"In the summer of 2002, I heard philosopher Stanley Messenger give a talk about Rudolph Steiner's prediction of 'mankind crossing the threshold at the end of the century'. Stanley said that all the people who have completed a struggle towards enlightenment through the ages have formed a 'critical mass' that will allow the majority of mankind to cross this threshold together, that Steiner foresaw this, and that the time is now. Stanley sees the event as reaching its climax by 2012, and sees a connection to the crop circles phenomenon. Although some feel it is unfair that all the masses should reap the benefits of the sacrifices of a few, it would seem to be a natural process, like Rupert Sheldrake's 'Morphic Resonance' theories, or the 'hundredth monkey' phenomenon, in which an entire species somehow miraculously gains a behavioral attribute when a certain 'critical' percentage of individuals pioneer it.” (Geoff Stray, John Major Jenkins, 2009)

All living beings have the same Mother Kundalini (Kukulkan) within themselves, the font of Consciousness.”According to Hunbatz Men, 'Ku' is sacred, God. 'Kul' is coccyx, the base of the spine, where latent spiritual energy resides. 'Can' means serpent. 'Kukulcan' therefore is synonymous with 'kundalini'—which is what the Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl archetype is all about, of course.” (Dr. John Jay Harper)

Those ready for awakening their own Mother Kundalini (Kukulkan)—the total and exact gnosis required by anyone of any religion, race, culture or creed wishing to spiritually transform themselves, over time, into a full and completely evolved human being—click here.

2012 Rising - The Last Tzolkin
The"mass Kundalini awakening that brings about global self-realizations for humanity.”

"It is at Chichen Itza that we find the large iconic stepped pyramid known as the pyramid of Kukulkan, a pyramid that has certain astronomical functions which also link it to the current Katun 4 Ahau, specifically a serpentine shadow effect during equinox of this period only.

Kukulkan is considered a central deity in the Mayan pantheon ... More recently the researchers John Major Jenkins revealed in his book entitled Pyramid of Fire that Kukulkan may well be a representation of a spiritual energy that is believed to reside within all human beings. Jenkins discovered in an ancient text that the Toltec's, who worshipped Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent god equivalent to Kukulkan, regarded this deity as a serpentine evolutionary energy that rises up the spine. Astonishingly as identical energy, named Kundalini, is descried by the followers of the ancient Vedic system from India. Thus the prophecy from the Chilam Balam of Chumayel that says that Kukulkan will return in Katun 4 Ahau could refer to some kind of mass Kundalini awakening that brings about global self-realizations for humanity.”

Bruce Fenton and Daniella Cardena, 2012 Rising - The Last Tzolkin
Balboa Press (September 10, 2012) pp. 57-8

Hunbatz Men, Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion

Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion
"I think it is important to mention again the other ancient cultures, like those of India, where we find roots of words similar to peninsular Mayan. Valmiki wrote that the Naga Maya brought their culture to India around 2700 B.C., although we believe it was even earlier. We also maintain that they brought their culture to other parts of Asia and to Africa, where they were called Mayax according to Manetho, the Egyptian priest-historian.

There are notable similarities between Indian culture and the cultures of the Maya of Yucatan and other indigenous people of America, especially in esoterica. Figure 27 shows a clay sculpture from western Guerrero state. This piece represents a meditating figure seated in the Hindu 'lotus' position of yoga. Here is clear evidence, dear reader, that our ancestors practised this system of meditation in Mexico. Furthermore, the very word yoga exists in Mayan. Written yok'hah, it combines yok, 'above' or 'on top of,' and hah, 'truth.' ...

The word cizin esoterically implies a manifestation of our energies i.e., a practical application of knowledge. A flowering of radiation is visually represented by the serpent symbol of solar energy. The other extreme is cizin is in the coccyx, or the k'ul. Herein lie some of the secrets of Christ, the Jews, and other Catholic religious saints who exhibit auras surrounding their heads or bodies. It relates to what we saw in Figure 29, the meditating Mayan priest...

To conclude this brief analysis of the magic seven and its importance, we will cite another Hindi word: kundalini. This word exists in Mayan in two forms: k'ultanlilni and k'ulthanlilni. This again demonstrates the fact that world culture had roots which we, the peninsular Maya of Mexico, helped establish thousands of years ago. The Hindi word kundalini is the derivative evidence...

Continuing with our analysis of the words k'ultanlilni and k'ulthanlilni, we will try to discover new revelations through the Zuyua of pach than. As we just learned, in this form we use the words in reverse, i.e., in lil nat luk' and in lil nath luk', and study them in the contexts of etymology, linguistics, symbology, religion, science, etc.


K'u—Sacred, God, and name of the pyramid; the first sound a human makes upon arriving in this world.
K'ul—Coccyx, the sacred place where solar energy is deposited at the base of the spine. It can also mean k'u—"sacred," "God," etc.—with the"L," contraction of lil," vibration.”
K'ultan—Literally, it means coccyx and its location. From k'ul," coccyx," and tan," place.”This word also says k'u," God"or"pyramid"of lil—"vibration," as seen above.
K'ulthan—Similar to above with the addition of than—"to speak.”k'ul—"coccyx"; than—"to speak," or"to speak to the coccyx," "to God"or"to the pyramids," etc.
K'ultanlil—This word contains k'u—"God"or"pyramid";"L"—"vibration"; tan—"place"; and lil—"vibration.”also k'ul—"coccyx," implying that the coccyx is the location of the vibration of Hunab K'u, the Sun God.
K'ulthanlil—Composed of k'u—"God," "pyramid";"L"—"vibration"; than—"to speak"; and lil—"vibration.”K'ul is also"coccyx"; in the coccyx we can address the vibration of Hunab K'u.
K'ultanlilni—Finally one of the two complete words. K'u—"God," "pyramid";"L"—vibration; tan—"place"; lil—"vibration.”and ni—"nose"; also k'ul—"coccyx.”The composite meaning—the coccyx as the plaice of vibration is directly related to the nose because it is where the breath of the Sun God enters.
K'ulthanlilni—Similar to the previous word except for one significant variation. It means k'u—"God," "pyramid";"L"—"vibration"; than—"to speak"; lil—"vibration"; and ni—"nose"; also k'ul—"coccyx.”Coccyx of vibration, speak to the vibration, and also know how to breathe properly in order to generate movement of those faculties of Hunab K'u residing in the coccyx.

Through language, the Mayan culture instructs the people and enables them to develop the faculties which Hunab K'u placed in their bodies. Clearly, this process must become part of our consciousness so that we may become true Quetzalcoatls or Kukulcans. This process in uniquely expressed in our religious/scientific language, as we have demonstrated.”

Hunbatz Men, Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion
Bear & Company (August 1, 1989) pp. 111/132-35

2013: The Beginning is Here
The Teachings of the Serpent and Mayan Prophecy

"More than any other creature, the serpent is most consistently found in ancient cultures around the world. From ancient Sumerian and Minoan artifacts, to Indian, Egyptian and Mayan texts, you will find the symbol of the serpent. The spiral shape of the coiled serpent is perhaps the most widespread image carved on ancient Celtic dolmen, among Native American petro-glyphs and etched on pottery vessels in Africa and Australia.

Why is the serpent such a universal symbol? What did the serpent mean to all these ancient civilizations? Why was it so prominent? And what does it have to do with the Mayan prophecies we are hearing so much about?

While much has been written on the serpent as the symbol for the Goddess and the divine feminine, and while there are many references to the serpent as the kundalini energy in both sexuality and spirituality, there is little reference to the serpent and the cosmos.

For several years we have had the honor of working with Don Miguel Angel Vergara, a renowned Mayan elder and nagual. He tells us the ancient Maya were keepers of the cosmic knowledge and wisdom. They called themselves 'the people of the serpent'. This description refers to their star-ancestral connection with the constellation of the Pleiades (Tzab-Kan), which is seen in the heavens as the rattle at the end of the tail of the serpent. The serpent itself is the Milky way. The energy of this cosmic serpent brings the transmission of knowledge and wisdom from the cosmos to the Mayan people...

The ancient Maya were incredible astronomers with profound understandings of the workings of the celestial bodies. Mayan day-keepers passed down this knowledge through the ages. Today, we are in the midst of a rare thirty-six year of the earth. For the first time in 26,000 years, the earth will be closest to the galactic center and the sun will be most closely aligned with what is known as the Dark Rift, or the Black Road of the Milky Way. For the Maya, while the Pleiades represent the tail of the serpent, the Dark Rift represents the mouth of the serpent. Through sacred ceremony, Mayan shamans would enter the serpent's mouth, traveling through the darkness, until they reached the eternal source of the infinite. In this place of cosmic consciousness they were reborn, coming back through the passage, bringing cosmic knowledge and wisdom to the people. This was not merely by the sharing of their experience or the words of their stories, but as living conduits of the energy received, bringing these celestial frequencies with them to the earth. When we see the images of the feathered serpent, Ku-Kul-Kaan, you will see the face of a man emerging from the mouth of the serpent. This is the truly true man, the enlightened one.

In this amazing time in which we live, we are about to pass through this Dark Rift. It is an opportunity for all of us to enter into the ocean of cosmic consciousness of the Great serpent. within this space, we experience unlimited possibilities, expanding into our full potential as multi-dimensional beings. We are one with the Great Mother, one with infinite source.”

2013: The Beginning is Here
Jim Young, John Hunt Publishing (Jan 16 2011) pp. 149

NOTE: If this page was accessed during a web search you may wish to browse this site where the above topic or related issues are discussed in detail to promote peace, religious harmony, and spiritual development of humanity based on the advent and message of the promised Spirit-Paraclete who—already manifested in various forms over the ages as His Spirit (Shakti)—now brings eschatological closure and commences the Resurrection:

The Paraclete Shri Mataji Bearing Good News Of Jesus' Kingdom Of God, Resurrection And Last Judgment In Age That Has Come
The Resurrection was expressly taught by Christ (John 5:28-29; 6:39-40; 11:25; Luke 14:14) and is the central eschatological doctrine of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
The Paraclete Shri Mataji (Mar 21, 1923 - Feb 23, 2011)
Mar 21, 1923—Feb 23, 2011
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was
Christian by birth, Hindu by
marriage, and Paraclete by duty.
She spent four decades of 3000
worldwide speaking events
delivering the Good News.
"The Paraclete represents direct,
intimate divine intervention,
supporting and teaching
believers and challenging the
world, as Jesus did.” "The
Paraclete cannot be received by
the world (14:17), as Jesus
himself was rejected (5:43; 12:48;
15:18-20). The world which does
not know the Paraclete (14:17)
did not know Jesus (16:13).”
(Stevick 2011, 290-92)
"The teaching of the Paraclete, as
the continuation of Jesus'
teaching, must also be understood
as the fulfillment of the promise
of eschatological divine
instruction.” (Witmer 2008, 208)
“The Kingdom of God that we were promised is at hand. This is not a phrase out of a sermon or a lecture, but it is the actualization of the experience of the highest truth which is absolute, now manifesting itself in ordinary people at this present moment.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi

"Tell all the nations and tell all the people all over the Great Message that the Time of Resurrection is here now, at this time, and that you are capable of doing it.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Cowley Manor Seminar, UK—31 July 1982

"This is the transformation that has worked, of which Christ has talked, Mohammed Sahib has talked, everybody has talked about this particular time when people will get transformed.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Chistmas Puja, India—25 Dec. 1997

"The Resurrection of Christ has to now be collective resurrection. This is what is Mahayoga—has to be the collective resurrection.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Easter Puja, London, UK—11 April 1982

"Announce it to all the seekers of truth, to all the nations of the world, so that nobody misses the blessings of the Divine to achieve their meaning, their absolute, their spirit.” THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi

"The main thing that one has to understand is that the time has come for you to get all that is promised in the scriptures, not only in the Bible but all the scriptures of the world.” The Paraclete Shri Mataji

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