"Join Mataji" 28/9/93

"Suddenly, out of nowhere, a thunderous voice bellowed, 'JOIN SHRI MATAJI!' It was like a thunderclap that jerked him out of his drunken stupor into an awakened, shocked daze. He whirled around in disbelief but there was no one. The intensity and clarity of this Mighty Call penetrated and shook every nerve and fiber of his body. Where did this majestic voice come from? Who was it that spoke with such authority?”

Card with Divine Message 'Join Mataji 28/9/90' scribbled at bottom
The Divine Message on Tuesday night from Shri Ganesha as jotted down September 28, 1993 but only found almost a year later.* (Explained under heading "The Mighty Messenger)

Late afternoon on September 28, 1993 Kash's father started his usual drinking binge and by nightfall was really inebriated.

His children were fast asleep and wife still at work. He switched his stereo system and began listening to Kitaro, his favorite artist. The soothing New Age music of harmony with Nature increased his sense of serenity, reflecting and complementing the stillness of the night. Nothing stirred. With eyes closed in deep inner peace and relaxation, he was completely at peace with himself and Earth. In this thoughtless trance-like stupor he drifted slowly into deep sleep.

He had no idea how long he was in that intoxicated sleep.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a thunderous voice bellowed," JOIN SHRI MATAJI!" It was like a thunderclap that jerked him out of his drunken stupor into an awakened, shocked daze.

He whirled around in disbelief but there was no one. The intensity and clarity of this Mighty Call penetrated and shook every nerve and fiber of his body. Where did this majestic voice come from? Who was it that spoke with such authority?

The mind reeled in reverence to this divine message that had come like a massive bolt of Cosmic Consciousness. It was an awesome, extraordinary call for no power on Earth could have had that force of awakening a sleeping drunk.

Despite his intoxicated state he knew that this message had to be remembered at all cost. There was a force in it that jolted his numbed senses to act immediately, lest the sheer strength of intoxication would again reel him back into hapless lethargy and deep sleep. His heavily smashed state of mind ruled out any hope of remembrance. The only way was to somehow jot it down on something.

He managed to stagger to the kitchen table, take out his wallet, and write down the message and date on a calling card (the date took a considerable time to confirm.) The exact words written down were: 'Join Mataji 28/9/93.' He was confident that in the morning he would come across this card and find out who this Mataji (Mother) was.

Morning arrived, accompanied by a huge hangover.

But a strange thing happened. For some reason his body suddenly rejected cigarettes. Incredible as it may seem he just could not smoke anymore, accomplishing overnight what he had struggled—between intermittent bursts of inspired determination and New Year's resolutions—to kick this addiction of more than twenty-five years! He just could not understand why his body was suddenly rejecting cigarettes for no obvious reason.

Nonetheless he was proud of having done the almost impossible. This time he was certain that he would never smoke again.

The Call of the previous night was completely forgotten. There was not a single recollection of what had transpired just hours ago.

Such memory loss took place on certain occasions when the amount of alcohol exceeded his body's capacity to cope. It then supplied just the bare necessities to function—a sort of emergency power during an electrical failure—just sufficient to continue slaking the desire for more alcohol.

The card with the scribbled mighty message, misplaced within a photo pocket in the wallet, was completed forgotten. There it lay for nearly a year until September 5, 1994. Till then there was absolutely no knowledge of what had transpired on that fateful night of September 28, 1993.

Though his father had forgotten the Mighty Message there was no stopping the Divine Mother.

A few days later a Sahaja Yogi friend and guest asked for permission to give Kash(winder) and his brother Shahwinder Self-Realization by awakening their Kundalinis. Their father agreed as he had experienced Sahaja Yoga three years ago and, though uninterested himself, found no harm in his two young children getting their Self-Realization. It was more of a gesture not to offend a guest rather than any belief in that same mataji and her funny ganesha.

Kash (13 years-old) and Shahwinder (11 years-old) followed the Sahaja Yogi into their room and were given a detailed explanation of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Self-Realization, meditation, subtle system and Kundalini awakening.

After raising their Kundalinis the Sahaja Yogi told them to meditate.

When they finished Kash went straight to his father and exclaimed that he had journeyed to a very beautiful and peaceful land far away. He claimed that very instant he closed his eyes and went into meditation, he found himself standing on a soft carpet of clouds—hues of blue and white not seen on Earth—spreading in all directions as far as the eye could see.

Some distance away there was a very bright Light shining above and illuminating the entire vastness. In spite of its dazzling brilliance he could gaze at it without hurting his eyes. He just stood and looked around in amazement and awe at the tranquillity and stunning beauty of the surroundings.

He continued gazing around this strange serene land, wondering where he really was. Kash did not even take one step in any direction. The sheer splendor of this awesome scene illumined by a single dazzling Light and his inability to comprehend where he was kept him mesmerized and rooted to the spot. (Kash stood looking around and observing this strange land for about twenty minutes.)

The father skeptically listened, occasionally glancing at his friend to see if it made any sense to him. (Little did he know that his Sahaja Yogi friend had just awakened his son's Kundalini, the potential divine energy residing within humans at the base of their central nervous system, known as the sacrum bone through a stupendous spiritual breakthrough achieved by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga.)

The next evening the same Sahaja Yogi gave Kash specific instructions and a mantra to be recited before going into meditation. As directed, Kash put his right palm on the ground and uttered this sacred mantra four times:

"Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Ganesha Sakshat
Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah.”

The dormant Kundalini energy inside his sacrum bone sprang into life, coursed through the central nervous system, and pierced his Sahasrara.

At that very instant, for the first time ever, he felt the Mother Earth breathing. She was breathing very gently and every heave of Her breath was felt on his palm, swelling slowly up, and then down again. She was a living organism just like all the creatures who were nourished by Her.

As he continued repeating the Mighty Mantra of Shri Ganesha the sacred Shri Bhumidevi (Mother Earth) continued inhaling and exhaling to reveal Her true nature. Her superconscious child was sure beyond all doubts that the Earth was breathing. Mother Earth was alive!

As he came through the celestial clouds and opened his spiritual eyes, the Divine Mother was there to receive him. The sight of Her standing right in front of him astounded the young child. Who was this stunningly beautiful young Woman who had appeared out of nowhere in this Divine Paradise? Who was this extremely attractive Being, all enfolded in a dazzling red and white sari, who had come to greet him?

In the first place where was he?

Shri Lalita Devi smiled and held out Her Hands, with open, upturned palms. She told him to open his palms and face them downwards over Her open palms. As Kash did so he found himself being levitated a few inches off the ground. Both began traveling towards the extremely brilliant Light, quickly reaching it and slowing down to a standstill.

A short distance away was a majestic golden Throne. Kash realized it was the same place he had seen the day before, for it was still under the same Light.

The Mahadevi walked to the Throne and sat down on it. Kash followed and squatted before Her, the luxuriant clouds providing extreme comfort.

He did not even bow down to Her for he had no idea what to do. All he knew was that he had been meditating on Earth and now he was in some strange land sitting before a very beautiful Woman on a majestic Golden Throne. He was sure that he was not dreaming, but just what was going on?

The Adi Shakti then told him that they should meditate.

This meditation was a state of mind within a state of mind. He was in deep meditation on Earth but not in the Sahasrara, where his spiritual self was wide awake. The physical eyes of his physical self were closed in meditation but the spirit eyes of his spirit self in his Sahasrara were not! (Only when requested by the Great Adi Shakti to meditate did he close the eyes of his spirit self and lose all duality—the individual spirit meditating with the Universal Spirit and merging into One.)

Both simultaneously raised their Kundalinis and Kash realized that the Great Divine Mother was repeating the same method of Kundalini awakening that he had been taught by his father's friend. She brought both of Her Hands together and from the Mooladhara Chakra continuously encircled the left with the right, slowly rising all the way to the Sahasrara Chakra.

Shri Mata then tied a knot just above the Brahmarandhra (top of the head). This was repeated two more times. Then She opened Her left palm, resting it on the left knee, and with the right hand drew a protective arc over the entire body from left to right. This was done seven times. She then joined both palms in Namaskar and closed Her eyes. Both lapsed into meditation.

The attainment of the state of Sahaj Samadhi came instantly to Kash. The onrushing bliss was beyond description as the thoughtless state intensified the indescribable Joy. Wave upon wave of Paramchaitanya buffeted him into spiritual ecstasy. The spirit had merged into the Spirit. The human had become the Divine. The drop had become the Ocean. The individual consciousness had become the Universal Consciousness.

Time lost its essence and he could easily have remained suspended in this bliss for hours, even days. It was an awesome experience that could not be put into words, especially for a child.

After about 20 minutes the Divine Mother tapped him on his shoulders, and immediately he came out of Nirvana. She told him that it was time to go.

Kash did not even thank Her, so dazed was he by this spiritual experience. He just closed his spiritual eyes and descended through the thick layer of clouds, back to this planet known as Earth.

When he opened his physical eyes he was back at Montreal, Canada.

Again the young child confronted his skeptical father and declared the Truth he had just witnessed. Unknown to his father the fruits of past karma and lives lived in righteousness had ripened. It was the first sign that moksa (liberation) was inevitable.

From that day on the child held his father spellbound with wondrous wanderings in his Sahasrara, describing in detail and accuracy about the Kingdom of God, His Holy Spirit, and His Messengers who brought forth the great religions of Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism — all living together in perfect peace and harmony in the Spirit World. The absolute certainty that his son was telling the Truth rudely shook his father and finally broke the spell of Kali Yuga (Age of Darkness).

For a period lasting exactly 21 full moons the Great Adi Shakti took Kash across the Celestial World, and introduced him to the greatest Incarnations who ever walked the Earth. The Spirit of the Living God revealed to him the whole, entire splendour of the Kingdom of God for those able to attain eternal life.

The absolute surety that such astonishing spiritual facts were being extracted by a spiritual breakthrough enthralled his father. How else was his young son able to tell him about something absolutely unknown to his tender mind? He had never heard of any human explaining such penetrating insights into the Kingdom of the Almighty Creator. Above all was this question: How was it possible for any member of this non-practicing, secular Sikh family know anything remotely religious? That Kash was only 13-years-old only made that initial witnessing of the Light, and next, the Devi, virtually impossible. His father knew next to nothing of these two religious facts that only practising Hindus would be familiar with. There was no way his son could either.

But that was just the beginning of far more extraordinary revelations (that eventually not only provoked disbelief in the Sahaja Yoga organization but led to the official conclusion that this child was possessed! The family was shunned. Eventually they left the organization early 2000 when there was an uproar among the rank and file against the setting up of this website on the eve of the new millennium. Only Shri Mataji, who had repeatedly endorsed the revelations over the years, stopped them from closing it down.)

As the father listened in reverence to these daily spiritual journeys, the awesome fact that the Almighty Creator really existed could not be doubted anymore. He knew there was only one purpose left in life — surrender! Total surrender to a Higher Being! He realized it was time to return to the Kingdom of God, and began preparing for the spiritual trek ahead. His mind, body, and soul had to be purified and cleansed of all earthly defects. Unknown to him, the greatest adventure of all, far surpassing anything known to the human race, was just beginning.

For the first time in his life he realized the magnitude of his spiritual ignorance and the sensual gratification he had become addicted to. He retched from the first faint stench that wafted from the grimy gutter of his earthly existence, and was nauseated by the strength of sin. In the ensuing months his body occasionally shuddered involuntarily as images of his perverted past flashed by every now and then. These spasms were the only way he could snap out of the recollection of his decadent decades, and shake off the lingering drowsiness of a long spiritual hibernation.

On December 25, 1993 he stopped drinking—a habit he had acquired in 1966 at the age of 15—and ceased being an alcoholic. He had his last Scotch on Christmas. For some reason, just like the abrupt end of his smoking habit, he could no longer consume any alcohol.

This witnessing the Cosmic Play of the Great Primordial Mother has no parallel in history. She had descended on this Earth for the very first time during its darkest hour of Kali Yuga, in time to awaken the human race to the first faint Light of the Resurrection and Last Judgment.

This is the true story of those who have experienced transcendental reality with the Primordial Mother through the Third Eye and who have come back to tell their fellow human beings about the other shore, and to help them get there.

As the renowned historian Mircea Eliade has observed: "I do not believe that certain primordial revelations could disappear ... But what I am sure of is that the future forms of religious expression will be completely different from the fossilized, obsolete and meaningless forms that we meet in Christianity, Judaism, Islamism. I'm sure that there will be other expressions to come.”

Humanity is assured that we have entered into the blessed Golden Age of the Last Judgment and Resurrection where we learn the deepest secrets of our souls' journey to the Spirit World.

NOTE: What was in the beginning perceived as a 'hindu' goddess over time underwent a metamorphosis into the Divine Mother of all religions—"Holy Spirit/Spirit-Paraclete" (Christians), "Ruh Allah" (Muslims), "Shekinah/Ruach Elohim" (Jews), "Prajnaparamita/Tara" (Buddhists), "Aykaa Mayee" (Sikhs), "Tao/Wu Chi" (Taoists), "Adi Shakti/Devi" (Hindus). However, it is with the Paraclete (and Jesus) that the Divine Mother most prominently identifies and aligns with.

*The Mighty Messenger

"Kash's father had on September 28, 1993, heard a loud, thunderous voice directing him with these words, "JOIN SHRI MATAJI!" This profound spiritual Message was so commanding that he even wrote it down on a calling card. Though hopelessly drunk he did not want to ever forget it, so powerful was that Divine Voice.

Despite this precaution the Message was completely forgotten the next day as the calling card was inserted into the photograph/card compartment of his wallet. For nearly a year there was not even the slightest memory of that blessed night. Such blackouts of memory occurred whenever Kash's father consumed an excessive amount of liquor, over and above his 'normal' limits. (Normal here means between 8-10 beers. Excessive should be understood as a case of 24.)

On September 5, 1994, while spring-cleaning his wallet he came across this particular calling card with that peculiar note, "JOIN SHRI MATAJI!" He recognized that it was his handwriting. For a few seconds he remained puzzled, unable to understand this strange note. Why should he write such a short, strange statement in the first place? How did it come into his purse? And when did all this happen? For a minute or two there was no answer.

Then suddenly his mind reeled as the magnitude of the Revelation hit him like a tsunami: That was the night he was completely drunk! That was the night he heard the Mighty Voice! That was the night he stumbled and struggled to jot the Message down! That was the night that he did not want to forget! That was the night he never remembered.

Card with Divine Message 'Join Mataji 28/9/90' scribbled at bottom
The Divine Message on Tuesday night from Shri Ganesha as jotted down September 28, 1993 but only found almost a year later.

Then his mind, that impish little ego, began its dance of doubt: Maybe you were really drunk. Maybe you really heard voices. Maybe it was your imagination. Who would actually say these words, "Join Shri Mataji"? Why, in the first place, convey a message when one is dead drunk? There had to be a mistake. It could not be possible true. It made no sense.

The more the mind rationalized the more agitated it became. Soon the placid waters of the mind became turbulent. Not only the ego questioned but it also answered the very questions that it pretended not to know. The thoughtless state became increasing agitated, even as it tried to bring calm to chaos. It failed and the mind began to be confused and bewildered by its own question-answer-counter-question-counter-answer state. No matter how much it tried to rationalize it failed to arrive at a conclusion; there was always another fact or speculaton to contradict the last answer. Kash, the only person with the Darshana to extract Truth from within himself, was still in school.

Waiting became torturous as the father paced the floor and tossed around in bed. He had to have the Truth of that fateful night that triggered his awesome journey to seek the Divine World of Reality (Lahut). The Manna Monsoon was still lashing around in all its fury, rattling the shuttered windows of his mundane mind, occasionally ripping off a plank or two. It would only be a matter of time before all traces of past ignorance be completely washed away by the Divine Flood of Collective Consciousness.

But at this stage this furious Celestial Thundershower was far from abating, and right now he had to know what happened on September 28, 1993. Who was the Caller that directed him to join Shri Mataji?

After what seemed like ages Kash returned from school. Immediately the father explained the entire episode and told him to right away ask the Great Adi Shakti whether this voice was real or just a figment of his imagination.

Kash went directly into the meditation room and sat in Sahaj Samadhi, and reach the Land of Eternal Light. The Everlasting Light shone ever so brightly and brilliantly above the Eternal Throne as Shri Mahaganesha-nirbhinna-vighna-yantra-praharsita Shri Nirmala Devi sat in Bliss and Joy. He bowed down to the Great Adi Shakti and asked Her about the call that his father had heard commanding him to join Her.

Shri Srutih Shri Nirmala Devi smiled and replied that it was true that his father had heard that Voice, which was that of Shri Ganesha! God Almighty had sent His reply through Shri Gauriputraya, the Son of the Great Divine Mother, to remove the veil of ignorance and direct him to the Supreme Source of spiritual enlightenment. The particular Shri Mataji whom Shri Ganesha had meant on September 28, 1993, and subsequently identified by Kash after getting his Self-Realization later in November 1993, was none other than His Divine Mother, the Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

His father was stunned speechless. All the wealth of this Earth would never equal this priceless Absolute Truth that it was Shri Ganesha, the Remover of All Obstacles, who had spoken the Divine Words, "JOIN SHRI MATAJI!" The Eternal Child had commanded the seeker who had cried out for the Truth of God Almighty to join His Mother, the Great Primordial Mother who had incarnated on Earth as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.”

Sri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God, 1999, p. 638-9

"I have become a grandfather on an anniversary much cherished"

September 28, 2011

Dear disciples of the Divine Mother,

Namaste - i bow to the Mahadevi who resides in you!

i wish to first make it clear that i am not trying to show off but wish to give all the evidence and faith for others to become deep, loyal and unswerving devotees of the Mahadevi. (The is all eternity to receive Her boons .... so seek Her with all your tan, man, and dhan [body, mind, and wealth] on this earth.)

Over the years the Mahadevi has given me a number of date-specific revelations and births, some of which i have never mentioned and need not.

September 28 is very special for me, one that i always remember and hold very dear. That the Mahadevi choose that date to deliver my first grandchild has left me most grateful. Given the very slim chance of her being born that late only adds to that gratitude.

My pregnant daughter-in-law, due around 20th. September, was retained on Monday during her check-up as apparently her water bag had leaked almost empty during the weekend. The gynecologist put her on drips right away to induce birth.

However, 24 hours of drips hardly changed the situation/contractions and an emergency C-section was scheduled on Tuesday. i was hoping for a Wednesday September 28 birth but realized that was not going to happen.

But just before the operation she again began experiencing increased contractions. Her gynecologist checked and waited to see if a natural birth was possible. But it was a false alarm. So by the time they arranged a C-section again it was Wednesday 28 September. Malika (Arabic for princess), a healthy 6 lb 11 ozs. girl, was born at 4.30 in the morning.

The Mahadevi has yet again given evidence of Her shakti. i am, again, recording it down for all Her disciples. Please draw strength, faith and comfort from it. Thank you.

regards to all,


September 28, 2011

Dear Jagbir,

We rejoice with you on the birth of your first grandchild! Since you say that "Over the years the Mahadevi has given me a number of date-specific revelations and births, some of which i have never mentioned and need not" - is Malika's birth possibly one of those you have never mentioned, if you don't mind my asking? Or, alternatively, is it the case that in addition to the great joy of especially a first grandchild, you are again reminded of the momentous date when the MahaDevi asked you to join Her, which has resulted in the great website of the Adi Shakti:


.... as well as the collective result of all of us together, following the MahaDevi and Her Incarnation? And i will add that the abovementioned site and associated forum are Beacons of Spiritual Light in this world, to those that believe in Her revelations and to those who do not. Once a person reads the site, they cannot say that they did not receive a message from the MahaDevi and Her Incarnation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi!!

Whatever the case may be, we are most happy for you and your family, who have been a blessing for many, as it was through your family that we have been informed of the revelations in the Sahasrara of the MahaDevi that began on 13 November 1993, on Diwali/the Festival of Light - and which revelations gave evidence to confirm the MahaDevi's Incarnation of (the recently deceased) Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi! Congratulations again!!! And i am sure your new grand-daughter will bring much joy to you, your family, and others!!

warmest regards,


September 28, 2011

Dear Jagbir,

May I join Violet in also expressing my warmest, deepest congratulations to you on such a momentous, joyful occasion as the birth of your first grandchild.

With love,


September 29, 2011


Congrats on this amazing happening. They say it is something amazing in ones life when a person has their first child and first children, and something even more amazing when the first grandchild is born. I'm happy for you all.


September 29, 2011

Dear Jagbir,

We all celebrate the coming of the new born baby. Congratulations to you and to your family.


"When again their vision returned, the gods beheld that light appearing now in the form of a woman, charming and delightful.”

The Graceful Guru
"In the medieval period, there is an ultimate feminine guru represented in a classical text: the Goddess. It is she, not a wife or a saint, who assumes the public role of teacher and is capable of teaching all of humankind, which is the perspective advanced in the Devi Gita... the culmination of earlier stories of the Goddess found in the puranic mythological stories and in early tantric texts, precisely because the Devi Gita raises the Goddess to the level of Supreme Ruler. In the Devi Gita, supreme cosmic power is unambiguously female: she is a beautiful goddess, her power is the feminine shakti, and she is not linked to a male god, being most frequently referred as Mother. In the text, she first appears as a blazing light, symbolizing brahman, then transforms into a womanly figure, who is the Supreme Ruler Bhuvaneshvari)...

It blazed like ten million suns, yet soothed like ten million moons. Flashing like ten million streaks of lightening tinged with red, that supreme lustrous power shone forth unencompassed above, across, and in the middle. Without beginning or end, it had no body, no hands, no other limbs. Nor did it have a woman's form, a man's form, nor two combined. The dazzling brilliance blinded the eyes of the gods, O King. When again their vision returned, the gods beheld that light appearing now in the form of a woman, charming and delightful. She was exceedingly beautiful of limb, a maiden in the freshness of youth.

The Goddess is independent yet benevolent in the Devi Gita, in contrast to the portrayal of goddesses in mythological stories, where they tend to be consorts of male gods, while the rare independent goddesses tend to be ferocious. Thus, in the mythology, the benevolence is directly linked to the presence of a god. Not so in the Devi Gita, where the Goddess is envisioned as "The embodiment of compassion," a gracious and knowledgeable teacher, and the ultimate goal of religious contemplation. Himalaya, the mountain king, speaks to the Goddess: "As you have already granted me one favor through your loving compassion, would you please describe for me your true nature as explained in all the Upanisads. And further describe the paths of both yoga and knowledge combined with devotion, as approved by scripture. Explain these, Supreme Ruler, so that I may become one with you. And indeed the Goddess does teach him about all subjects, including knowledge of creation, of the divine self, of illusion (maya) and pure consciousness, the yoga of knowledge, the yoga of devotion, the practice of kundalini yoga, and methods of worshiping the Goddess, including external and internal, Vedic and tantric. Bhuvaneshvari is the Supreme Ruler, and the supreme guru...

What is unambiguous in the text is that all of humankind is essentially female. The Devi Gita asserts this axiom in two ways. On one level, the Goddess is brahman; thus, humankind's true inner essence, the divine self, is the Goddess. On another level, the Devi Gita explicitly connects the Goddess to the concept of kundalini from yoga theory. The theory of kundalini yoga is known from other texts, on which the Devi Gita draws in presenting the Goddess's teaching on the subject. Basic concepts in this theory of yoga include the understanding that humankind possesses a "subtle body" alongside the material body. This subtle body is homologized to cosmic entities and their corresponding cosmic energies. The power center is the kundalini, imagined to be coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine. Uncoiling this shakti energy through disciplined activities, including controlled breathing, correct posture, and meditation, is the goal, for it is only through the release of the kundalini that humankind can reach its full potential in sharing the fundamental essence of the universe. With its emphasis on the Goddess as the Supreme Ruler, the Devi Gita can make a further connection not possible in other texts: The kundalini is the essence of the Goddess. The Goddess is the source, and the force, of life; everyone has the feminine within, and must embrace it, then release it, in order to achieve liberation.”

Karen Pechilis, The Graceful Guru
Oxford University Press, (August 5, 2004) pp. 23-25

"She is ever attentive to the world, particularly to her devotees"

“The central role the Devi plays in mythology is that of creator and queen of the cosmos. When she is portrayed in her own form (sva bhava), she is usually described as a beautiful young woman in regal attire surrounded by thousands of attendants and seated on a throne in the highest heaven. As cosmic queen she oversees or performs directly the three primary cosmic functions of creation, preservation, and destruction. The world is said to be destroyed when she blinks her eyes and to be recreated when she opens her eyes.

Many Hindu mythological texts attribute the three cosmic functions to Brahma (creation), Vishnu (preservation), and Siva (destruction). While texts extolling the Devi often picture these three deities in their familiar roles, it is made clear that the male gods only act according to the Devi's will and at her command. Some myths make the point that the great male gods are entirely dependents on the Devi for her strength and power and that if she withdraws her power they are impotent and helpless. The Devi-bhagavata-purana also makes it clear that the traditional heavenly bodies of these deities are far below and inferior to the Devi's heaven. Indeed, the text asserts that there are innumerable Brahmas, Visnus, and Sivas, whose tasks are to govern the innumerable universes that ceaselessly bubble forth from the inexhaustibly creative Devi (3.4.14-67). In the Lalita-sahasranama the Devi is called she from whose ten fingernails spring the ten forms of Visnu (Karanguli-nakhotpanna-narayana-dasakrtih, 80). In the Saundaryalahari the entire universe is formed from a tiny speck of dust from the Devi's foot. Brahma takes that speck and from it fashions worlds that Visnu, in his form as the many-headed cosmic serpent, can barely support with his thousand heads (verse 2). In a particularly humbling scene for the male deities, the Devi is described in her heaven as seated upon a couch, its four legs consisting of the great male deities of the Hindu pantheon. The point is clear: the great male gods still have important roles to play, but ultimately they are servants of the Devi and do their bidding. She has created them, indeed, she has created innumerable copies of each of them, and they act as her cosmic agents, overseeing the universe she has created.

Although the male deities are frequently portrayed as carrying out their traditional cosmological functions at the Devi's command, she herself is also pictured as taking an active role in the cosmic processes. She is ever attentive to the world, particularly to her devotees, and in various forms she acts to uphold cosmic order and protect her creatures. Although her concern is that of a mother for her children, hence a passionate and ever-watchful concern, her favorite role as protector and preserver of the cosmos is that of the warrior, a traditional male role. Many of her epithets emphasize this aspect of her character. The Lalita-sahasranama calls her she who slays demons (Raksasaghni, 318), she who grant boons to great warriors (Mahavirendravarada, 493), ruler of armies (Caturangabalesvari, 691), she who is worshipped by warriors (Viraradhya, 777), and mother of warriors (Viramata, 836).

The Devi's most famous mythological exploits usually involve the defeat of demons who have taken over the world and displaced the gods from their positions as rulers of the cosmos. The three episodes featuring the goddess Durga are particularly popular in texts celebrating the Mahadevi, and she is identified with Durga in various renditions of the tales. To a great extent Durga is the Devi's most common or favorite form, and Durga's exploits are the most commonly celebrated events in Devi mythology. From the point of view of Mahadevi's theology the two are essentially the same deity. The account of Durga's defeat of Mahisa in the Devi-bhagavata-purana, for example, explicitly states that the Devi, though nirguna in her ultimate essence, assumes for her pleasure a great variety of forms in order to maintain cosmic order and that her form of Durga is simply one of those forms, though undoubtedly a very important one. As Durga, the Mahadevi is typically described as a ferocious, invincible warrior who descends into the world from time to time to combat evil of various kinds, especially demons who have stolen the positions of the gods.

As Durga, the Mahadevi is in many ways like the great god Visnu. Visnu is usually pictured as a cosmic king who oversees that stability of the world. When the world is threatened by demons, he descends in different forms to combat the danger. The Mahadevi is also said to assume forms appropriate to cosmic threats. Visnu is traditionally said to have ten avataras. In each universal cycle he takes ten different forms to combat ten different demons. The Mahadevi, too, is said to have ten forms, the Dasamahavidyas (the ten great scenes or insights). These ten forms include several well-known Hindu goddesses, and like the Vaisnavite idea of avataras the ten forms of the Devi effectively bring together distinct strands under a unifying great deity. From the point of view of Devi theology and cosmology the Hindu goddesses are varying manifestations of the Devi's activity on behalf of the world. Durga, Laksmi, Parvati, and other goddesses are all understood to be parts of a transcendent divine economy that is governed by the Devi in her own form (svabhava) or in her aspect as brahman. This economy, with a few important exceptions, is oriented toward upholding and protecting the world.

The Devi, like Visnu, also plays the role of protector and preserver in less grand, cosmic ways by making periodic and dramatic appearances on behalf of her individual devotees. In this role she plays the savior. Her devotees Samadhi and Suratha propitiate her in the closing scene of the Devi-mahatmya. She appears before them and graciously grants their desires (13.7-16). In the Devi-bhagvata-purana when her devotee Sudarsana is surrounded by his enemies and prays to her for help, she appears as a great warrior riding on her lion and quickly routs them (3.23.18-41). She appears to aid Rama when he prays to her for help in defeating Ravana. She empowers him to build a bridge from India to Lanka and announces that she will cause him to defeat Ravana (3.30.43-61). In the Devi-bhagvata-purana's account of the well-known story of Hariscandra, who is reduced to poverty and the pitiable status of an outcaste, the Devi answers Hariscandra's prayer by appearing and restoring him to his former state and reviving his child from the dead (7.27.1-7). The Mahadevi, then, though typically pictured as a distant, awesome figure who sits in majesty on a heavenly throne surrounded by divine attendants, is responsive to the pleas of her individual devotees and is quick to come to their aid in times of distress. She is understood to be an approachable, motherly figure who is never deaf to the cries of her children.”

Hindu Goddesses: Visions of the Divine Feminine
David R. Kinsley, U. of California Press (July 19, 1988), pp. 137-9

The Essence of Spiritual Philosophy
"Buddha who said that our life is like a river. On this side of the river is the ordinary life we live. It is a life of samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth, empirical existence, social development, economic growth, the march of history and civilization. On the other side of the river is timeless reality, the kingdom of heaven in the transcendental sense of the word.

Some people through their spiritual development cross the river, experience transcendental reality and come back to tell their fellow human beings about the other shore and to help them get there. Still others cross the river, experience the treasures of transcendental reality, and discover that both shores are interconnected and interdependent. There is no dualism, no complete separation.

These people come back armed with the power of the divine and with a clear understanding of the purpose of the ultimate reality. They understand that the ultimate purpose is to develop something on this shore. They come back to inspire others to build a divine kingdom on this shore, transforming human society into the perfect image of the transcendental reality.

This becomes their purpose and is the true goal of the evolutionary mysticism. It is the balanced spiritual ideal: attaining mystical experience and also having an evolutionary perspective regarding life. Through this we grow true to the kindred points of eternity and time, of heaven and earth.”

Dr. Haridas Chaudhuri, The Essence of Spiritual Philosophy
Thorsons Pub. Group (UK, 1990, p. 200).

“Eastern masters say our visionary power lies in our pineal gland, that is our 'third eye,' the source of spiritual and prophetic energy. Now, in the New Millennium, comes the dramatic growth of this body deep within our brains, of these receiving antennas connected to the vast collective unconscious described by Jung. Tapping into our inner well opens the way to visions, to prophecies. Our antennas will be turned on and tuned in as they never have been before. The greatest mediums of all time are being born already; people will connect with the past and help lead us into the New Age.

Humanity returns to the simple and natural on this plane, but our spirits, as our bodies sleep, can come into contact with other realities, can receive knowledge through our astral voyages. We can develop our ability to reach out with this power and gain revelations. Charged with the energy of the coming age and opening ourselves to it, we increase our capacity to abandon our bodies, to leave our bodies, to send our spirits through space to see and know distant places through time to know the future and the past, and to connect to other spirits, other consciousness...

Mystics speak of powers of levitation, of raising the physical body with the power of the mind. Researchers have confirmed the existence of out-of-body experiences, of sending the spirit to explore outside of the spiritual body. The spiritual awakening that comes with the New Age brings not just the integration of science and spirituality, but a balance of spiritual and physical energy.

We will see that our bodies are but the space suit our souls wear on this terrestrial plane. Once our mission here is completed, we discard it and move on as our true selves, our spirits and selves intact, to the next plane.

Things that we call miracles will be understood in the Age of Aquarius. We will know the law of nature that makes our miracles happen, we will know why they happen, and we won't think of them as miracles, but as blessings.”

Walter Mercado, Beyond The Horizon: Visions Of The New Millennium, A Time Warner Company, 1997 p. 128

“Mother is the first manifestation of power and is considered a higher idea than Father. The name of Mother brings the idea of Sakti, Divine Energy and Omnipotence: the baby believes its mother to be all-powerful, able to do anything. The Divine Mother is the Kundalini sleeping in us; without worshipping Her we can never know ourselves. All-merciful, all-powerful, omnipresent—these are attributes of the Divine Mother. She is the sum total of the energy in the universe. Every manifestation of power in the universe is Mother. She is life, She is intelligence, She is love. She is in the universe, yet separate from it. She is a Person and can be seen and known—as Sri Ramakrishna saw and knew Her.”

Swami Vivekananda

“Early in the history of Islam, the Sufis were not satisfied with the outward observances and rituals of religion. They wanted, instead, a religion of inner experience, an asceticism that renounced the luxuries of the world and devoted itself purely to obedience to God.

One of the greatest Muslim mystic and theologian, al-Ghazali made a formal attempt to merge the doctrines of mysticism with the orthodox consensus of the community that was the Sunnah. He told the other theologians that unless they created a"science of the heart"for all believers, the doctrines of Islam would be nothing more than outward formalities devoid of any inner life or meaning. The Sufis called the feminine Presence of God Shikeina after the rabbinical name for God"Shechina.” "

Rabbi Dr. Michael Samuel


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