"When will of man and will of God are one, the resurrection is a fact.”

Dear All,

In Part 6 (appended), there is a tremendous quote:

"The will of man makes possible the action of the Holy Breath. When will of man and will of God are one, the resurrection is a fact. (Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ Chapter 178:41)

Isn't that an amazing quote! That is the experience of Sahaja Yoga [Union with the Divine] whereby"The will of man and will of God are one.” When that happens, we refer to"The Divine within" ourselves, and we do not have two masters, but only one.


Dear Violet and all,

Indeed that is a tremendous quote, all the more since those humans taking part in the Last Judgment and Resurrection know exactly what Lord Jesus is talking about, especially in regards to the Holy Breath felt as the Cool Breeze. (In fact all the scriptures make so much sense now ........ to the point that i sometimes get disgusted with all the falsehood and ignorance that continues to be preached.)

i would like to bring out a subtle point made by Jesus when He says that"The will of man makes possible the action of the Holy Breath. When will of man and will of God are one, the resurrection is a fact.”

By this He probably means that the Holy Breath is activated when the free will of man surrenders and seeks the will of God, which is the emancipation of humanity. That is when they start feeling the Cool Breeze.

Thus when the will of man and the will of God are in harmony the resurrection becomes a fact i.e., it becomes an eschatological fact! That is exactly what is taking place on Earth as tens of thousands of believers obey the will of God to take part in the resurrection.

In many different traditions the perception of the nature of God has been described by individuals that claimed to have God experiences, as being accompanied by a breath-like feeling in ways that seem similar to the cool breeze experience in Sahaja Yoga. Whether it is called Chi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese), Prana (Hindus), Ruach (Hebrew prophets), Ruh (Sufi saints), Pneuma (Greeks), or Spiritus, the latin word from which the English word"Spirit"Is derived, this Breath of Life has the same meaning in all of these languages and diverse cultures. Chinese, Christian, Arabic, Indian, Greek, and contemporary writings describe the experience of the divine as a mysterious wind. This daily Divine Wind (Rach, Chi, Ki, Prana, Ruh, Pneuma, Spiritus) is proof that you are now taking part in the Last Judgment and Resurrection, the promised eschatological salvation which promises both bodily resurrection (kundalini awakening) and spiritual immortality (moksa).

Now that time has come. The Messiah has delivered the Good News of His Kingdom. The Last Judgment and Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection), the ultimate test of validity and truth of organized religions, has been declared by the Shakti. Those who believe and take part in the Great Event ordained for all humanity are promised both bodily resurrection (kundalini awakening/born of the Spirit) and spiritual immortality (moksa/salvation). They will begin to feel the Cool Breeze (Rach, Chi, Ki, Prana, Ruh, Pneuma, Spiritus) of the Spirit (Shakti/Ruh/Tao/ Mother) flowing out of the hands and head (Brahmarandhra) upon Self- realization, which over time becomes a daily experience. Sooner or later, this Ruach (Breath of God) will be felt daily for the rest of your life, a constant reminder to those taking part in the Great Event to live righteously on Earth.

In order that the seekers/believers thoroughly understand what Jesus meant when he said"When will of man and will of God are one, the resurrection is a fact", i have added/edited the following links to the main www.adishakti.org site:

1. Ruach, the breath of God experienced daily as cool breeze/wind 1
2. Ruach, the breath of God experienced daily as cool breeze/wind 2
3. All-Pervading Power of God felt as cool breeze or vibrations
4. Divine Wind flowing out of those born of the Spirit within
5. I will pour out in those days of My Spirit - Acts 2:18
Ruach is activity of God in connection with messianic expectation
7. The Kingdom of God cannot be understood without the Holy Spirit
8. Gospel of Thomas offers Jesus' secret teachings
9. And the Saviour who sent the Comforter will know ...
10. Christian Comforter has come
11. Comforter (Holy Spirit) would be like a breath, like a wind
12. Kingdom of God realized during Last Judgment through Comforter
13. Jesus and the Comforter
14. Nafas al Rachman - the breath of the Merciful

The Ruach (Cool Breeze) is probably the most powerful experience reported by tens of thousands of SYs taking part in the Last Judgment and Resurrection, and hundreds of thousands who had their Self- realization and just left without knowing what it was all about. In order to make future seekers realize that right away, i have added quotes from Judith Coney's book"Sahaja Yoga"on a number of links.

The homepage of www.adishakti.org is now full of links that explains and expands crucial aspects of Shri Mataji's advent and message. By just reading this single page seekers will know exactly what is taking place on Earth. Otherwise this quote will continue to make little sense to the vast majority of humanity:

"When will of man and will of God are one, the resurrection is a fact.”

Thank you Violet for all the great work you have done over the years to enlighten humanity about the Comforter, and make sure that the Savior's resurrection was not in vain. i also appreciate all other contributions that continue to strengthen our faith and resolve to get out this Great Message. Let's continue to work in Silence.

regards to all,


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