Shri Buddha's 2538th Birthday

"All the Immortal Beings extended their hands outwards to feel the vibrations (Cool Breeze) flowing profusely from Shri Buddha. Every one was feeling the great Joy of Shri Amitabha without even a single word being spoken! The whole atmosphere was filled with tremendous Bliss and Happiness. (This was the first time the Divine Unity were seen using their vibratory awareness for such a purpose.) When the song ended the Divine Beings started singing another birthday song for Shri Amitabha, but this time in Sanskrit.”

Shri Gautama Buddha
Buddha met five other ascetics and fasted
for weeks. Despite nearly starving himself to
the point of death he failed to attain
nirvana. He then continued his travels until
at Bodh Gaya he sat under a fig tree to
meditate until he reached enlightenment.
When he realised the wisdom he had been
looking for he found himself in a state of
clarity. One of his main realisation was no
sense of self (anatta) and others as separate
entities. He also experienced a freedom
from anxiety caused by self-centredness.
From now on Gautama is known as 'Buddha'
which means enlightened one.

In the 6th century B.C three great teachers appeared on Earth, unaware of each other: Gautama Buddha, who taught his disciples at Benares in India about the time Isaiah was prophesying among the Jews in Babylon and Heraclitus was carrying on his speculative enquiries into the nature of things at Ephesus. Gautama is perhaps the most well known and by far the most enlightening.

Thus when Kash's father read in the local newspaper that the Buddhist community in Montreal would be celebrating Shri Buddha's 2538th birthday, he wanted to send greetings. Since Kash was meditating with Him daily, it was out of reverence and respect that the Awakened One be greeted on this blessed day.

Kash's father had great respect and admiration for the Dharma and Consciousness Gautama Buddha inspired fellow humans to achieve. The least he could do to show gratitude and adoration would be to send a simple birthday greeting.

Kash agreed and went within himself into the Thousand-Petalled Lotus. The Kundalini (Nectar of Immortality) rose from his Mooladhara Chakra and rushed through the Sushumna Nadi, bursting through the Celestial Clouds of the Great Lotus Forest.

He hovered above the semi-circle of the Primordial Beings already assembled, and then slowly floated down towards his spiritual body that was meditating beside the Great Adi Shakti.

His corporeal body merged into his spiritual Self, fitting into it perfectly from head to toe. Kash, now in the ethereal form of the spirit, got up to greet Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, The Mother of all Buddhas. The Everlasting Light shone ever so brightly above Her as She sat in Bliss and Joy on the Golden Throne.

After bowing to Her and all the rest, he asked for permission to see Shri Amitabha. Shri Mataji smiled and gave Her approval.
Kash looked around the gaps in the semi-circle for a pair of hands, but there were none. For some reason Shri Amitabha was completely invisible, even His hands. So how was he going to figure out where the Great Soul was sitting? The Divine Unity of the Spirit World were checking this child out!

Kash instinctively opened his palms and began reading the vibrations of the Invisible Beings one after another, spontaneously conscious of Shri Mataji's assurance that “We are saints and that God has given us a special awareness all the time", and that Her devotees should have “complete reliance on [the] integration of the vibrations.”

His outstretched hands began decoding the distinctive Spiritual Energy that was radiating from these ancient Immortals. His fingertips acted like a spiritual scanner, extracting readings from the All-Pervading Paramchaitanya, and instantly converting it into infallible information.

At a certain gap Kash felt the distinguishing vibrations of Shri Gautama Buddha and walked to that particular vacant space in the semicircle. Shri Hanuman and Shri Ganesha were sitting on either side of this opening.

He bowed down to the invisible Enlightened One sitting in between and extended the birthday greetings. The Enlightened One bowed back and Kash could feel the Spiritual Energy (vibrations) moving down slowly, first down and then up again. He knew that the Awakened One had just bowed down and returned his greetings, even though there was only empty space before him!

Kash then walked back and sat down besides the Great Mother and spontaneously started singing a birthday song known all over Mother Earth. It went like this:

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday Lord Buddha, Happy birthday to you.”

All the Immortal Beings extended their hands outwards to feel the vibrations (Cool Breeze) flowing profusely from Shri Buddha. Every one was feeling the great Joy of Shri Amitabha without even a single word being spoken! The whole atmosphere was filled with tremendous Bliss and Happiness. (This was the first time the Divine Unity were seen using their vibratory awareness for such a purpose.)

When the song ended the Divine Beings started singing another birthday song for Shri Amitabha, but this time in Sanskrit.

After it was over all of them bowed down to Shri Buddha, and He bowed back in return.

Shri MahaDevi then told Kash that Shri Buddha was having a very big smile, for He was very happy that everyone sang on this special occasion. The Great Adi Shakti then expressed Her Happiness and told Kash these words:

“There is something special about this family.”

Shri Deva-Karya-Samudyata Devi
Sahasrara, May 25, 1995

Sri Deva-Karya-Samudyata
— Emerges for a Divine Purpose.
— Appears to answer the prayer of Gods (Divine Beings) for help.
— Battles for the spiritual emancipation of Her devotee. Sri Lalita Sahasranama

Then everyone meditated.

After it was over Kash stood up and asked for leave from Shri Nirvana-sukha-dayini Devi. He again wished all the Divine Beings seated in a semi-circle around the Great Adi Shakti. He then closed his spiritual eyes and descended through the clouds, back to this material world of endless sufferings and ceaseless rebirths.

Nirvana-sukha-dayini (390th): Giver of the bliss of liberation — grants Her devotees the unequaled bliss of moksa.

Note: Every human being on Earth and the Immortal Beings in Heaven emit different vibrations, which are signatures of their precise identity just like fingerprints. However, humans have still a long way to go before they can self-discover and master this spiritual power. All liberated souls in the Kingdom of God have this unique ability of vibratory awareness, a far superior and flawless spiritual sense than the normal human senses. This divine gift of decoding vibrations — one of the many uses of this Spiritual Energy — is an in-built physiological aspect of the human subtle system triggered upon Self-Realization. As Shri Mataji has explained that “for anything that we do, we have now to think in terms of vibratory awareness, which means awareness that is working upon living things.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has stressed that it is necessary for seekers of Truth to know that Sahaja Yoga is not just another yoga, a healing procedure, a relaxation technique, a health exercise, or another spiritual path. It is the mastery of a Divine Power that is going to give birth to a new race of spiritual beings who will use it to empower the human species to new heights of Collective Consciousness. According to the Great Adi Shakti “This is a new race that is coming up... . It's a different race. All over the world this race has to come up.”

Self-Realization through Kundalini awakening is an in-built evolutionary blueprint for the human species, a spiritual germination that can be verified and felt on the central nervous system. It is a living, evolutionary process to metamorphose Homo sapiens into Homo spiritus.

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
“So you have all kind of Joys, as I told you before. You have Swananda, the Joy of the Spirit. Then you have got Brahmananda, the Joy of the well-being. You've got Leelananda, Krishnananda, where you have the Joy of the Play. But when you reach the state of Sahasrara it is Nirananda, means sheer Absolute Joy...

But let us see what is Absolute. That means it is not relative, it has no relative qualities. Absolute cannot be compared. Atulniya — it cannot be compared. It cannot be related to anything. It is Absolute. It cannot be comprehended because it cannot be related to anything else through which we can comprehend. It is Absolute. Whatever way you try to know it you go away from the Absolute. Wherever you try to analyze the Absolute you are away from it. So this is what at Sahasrara you get — Nirananda.”

Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Nirananda And Different Joys, Vienna, Austria

1. Lama Anagarika Govinda, Foundations of Tibetan Mysticsm, Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1990, p. 277
2. Hinduism Today, February 1994

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