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Shri Ganesha
Shri Ganesha
"The father mulled over all that Kash had told him and devised a plan to test the authenticity of his son's experience. He knew that this child knew next to nothing about any religion, even his own Sikh faith. Kash's utter ignorance of any religious tradition would be used against him and his mystical experience, and there was no other better method to cross-examine him. Kash would be told to request this Divine Mother to visit a certain Divine Being. If She had the Power to do so, and Kash could come back from meditation and describe Him, then there was something about Her that would demand further investigation. Kash's father thought of a deity in the Hindu pantheon. For some inexplicable reason he picked Shri Ganesha.”

The First Day: The Divine Light (Jyothi)

In November 1993 a barely thirteen-year-old child was given Self-Realization through Sahaja Yoga. This revolutionary and evolutionary method of awakening the Kundalini (Self-Realization) — unconditionally guaranteed to be instant, effortless and absolutely without any side-effect whatsoever — was discovered by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, undoubtedly the greatest Avatar ever to have taken birth on Earth.

It all began when a Sahaja Yogi friend Bhupinder asked permission from the father if he could be permitted to teach his sons Kash (13 year-old) and Shah (11 year-old) how to meditate. To allay any fears he explained that it was a simple, newly discovered method of spiritual rebirth through Kundalini awakening.

Both children were given Self-Realization, after which all three them meditated.

When they finished Kash went straight to his father, who was as usual having his almost daily drink, and exclaimed that he had journeyed to a very beautiful and peaceful land far away. The father sceptically listened, occasionally glancing at his Sahaja Yogi friend to see if it made any sense to him.

Kash told that the very instant he closed his eyes and went into meditation he found himself standing on a soft carpet of clouds—hues of blue and white not seen on Earth—spreading in all directions as far as the eye could see. Some distance away there was a very bright Light of great beauty shining above and illuminating the entire vastness. In spite of its dazzling brilliance he could gaze at it without hurting his eyes. He just stood and looked around in amazement and awe at the tranquility and stunning beauty of the surroundings.

For a long time he continued gazing around this strange serene land, wondering where he really was. Kash did not even take one step in any direction. The sheer splendour of this awesome scene illumined by a single dazzling Light and his inability to comprehend where he was kept him mesmerized and rooted to one spot.

After gazing around for about twenty minutes Kash closed his eyes again, and descended back to Earth.

The child went to his father and narrated his experience. His ignorant father just took it as a figment of a child's imagination.

The Second Day: The Divine Mother (Shakti)

The next evening Bhupinder gave Kash specific instructions and a mantra to be recited before going into meditation. As directed, Kash put his right palm on the ground and uttered this sacred mantra four times:

"Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Ganesha Sakshat
Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah.”

The dormant Kundalini energy inside his sacrum bone sprang into life, coursed through the central nervous system, and pierced his Sahasrara since his rebirth on this Earth as Kash(winder) Singh.

As he came through the celestial clouds and opened his spiritual eyes, the Great Adi Shakti was there to receive him. The sight of Her standing right in front stunned the young child. Who was this stunningly beautiful young Woman who had appeared out of nowhere in this Divine Paradise? Who was this extremely attractive Being, all enfolded in a dazzling red and white sari, who had come to greet him?

In the first place where was he?

Shri Maharajni Devi smiled and held out Her Hands, with open, upturned palms. She told him to do the same and put his down turned palms over Her open palms. As Kash did so he found himself being levitated a few inches off the ground. Both began traveling towards the extremely brilliant Light, quickly reaching it and slowing down to a standstill.

A short distance away was a majestic golden Throne. Kash realized it was the same place he had seen the day before, for it was still under the same Light.

The Great Sacred Mother walked to the Throne and sat on it. Kash followed and squatted before Her, the luxuriant clouds providing extreme comfort.

He did not even bow down to Her for he had no idea what to do. All he knew that he had been meditating on Earth in Montreal, Canada and now he was in some strange land sitting before a very beautiful Woman on a majestic Golden Throne. He was sure that he was not dreaming, but just what was going on?

Shri Sarvaruna Devi then told him that they should meditate.

Both simultaneously raised their Kundalinis and Kash realized that the Great Divine Mother was repeating the same method of Kundalini awakening he had been taught by his father's friend. She brought both Her Hands together and from the Mooladhara Chakra continuously encircled the left with the right, slowly rising all the way to the Sahasrara Chakra.

Shri Maha Avatar Devi then tied a knot just above the Brahmarandhra (top of head). This was repeated two more times. Then She opened Her left palm, resting it on the left knee, and with the right hand drew a protective arch over the entire body from left to right. This was done seven times. She then joined both palms in Namaskar and closed Her eyes. Both lapsed into meditation.

The attainment of the state of Sahaj Samadhi came instantly to Kash. The onrushing bliss was beyond description as the thoughtless state intensified the indescribable Joy. Wave upon wave of Paramchaitanya buffeted him into spiritual ecstasy. The spirit had merged into the Spirit. The human had become the Divine. The drop had become the Ocean. The individual consciousness had become the Universal Consciousness. Time lost its essence and he could have easily remained suspended in this bliss for hours, even days.

After about 20 minutes the Spirit of the Living God tapped him on his shoulders, and immediately he came out of Nirvana. She told him that it was time to go.

Kash did not even thank Her, so dazed was he by this spiritual experience. He just closed his spiritual eyes and descended through the thick layer of clouds, back to this planet known as Earth.

When he opened his physical eyes he was at 3495 Ivan Franco 107, Lachine, Montreal, Canada.

Again the young child confronted his skeptical father and declared the Truth he had just witnessed.

Maharajni: [2nd]: The Great Empress. In this name the second act of Her, 'Sthiti' is indicated. 'Yena Jatani Jivanti': By whom all creatures live — Taittiriya Upanisad 3.1. She, who rules the entire Universe and, is its law and its execution. Every law or truth that man discovers is just a glimpse of that great will or law of that Great Empress.
Sarvaruna: [50th]: From head to foot She is faultlessly beautiful.

The Goddess Shakti or Divine Mother

The Third Day: The Divine Child (Ganesha)

When Kash came back from meditation and explained about The Mother, his father listened in silence. The Sahaja Yogi friend was speechless. From the tone of his son's voice the father knew that he had experienced something extraordinary, and arrived back from some place far in the universe beyond.

Kash was told to narrate his story repeatedly to find any discrepancies. This only brought more detail and confirmed that what he saw was very real; that the Great Supreme Mother was that of the photograph (above) he had meditated on, that Her spiritual form as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was more younger looking, approximately between 30-35 years of age, and very beautiful. He even described the exact type of sari Shri Nirmala Devi was wearing (white with a red border), and how a brilliant light was emanating from a 'sun' above Her.

Knowing Kash to be a very honest kid his father could find no doubt, or answer, to this incredible spiritual vision. The only logical explanation was the gift of the Inner Eye that ancient sages knew existed within all humans. His son was telling him something that was utterly beyond his immature mind, something he had absolutely no knowledge of. For the first time in his life he was talking about a Mater Divinae (Mother of the Divine Grace) who was alive and probably divine.

The father mulled over all that Kash had told him and devised a plan to test the authenticity of his son's experience. He knew that this child knew next to nothing about any religion, even his own Sikh faith. Kash's utter ignorance of any religious tradition would be used against him and his mystical experience, and there was no other better method to cross-examine him. Kash would be told to request this Divine Mother to visit a certain Divine Being. If She had the Power to do so, and Kash could come back from meditation and describe Him, then there was something about Her that would demand further investigation. The father thought of a deity in the Hindu pantheon. For some inexplicable reason he picked Shri Ganesha.

The next day Kash was told to meditate and ask Shri Ganamba Devi to take him to see Shri Ganesha. He agreed and, after receiving specific instructions from Bhupinder, went into meditation.

When he returned about half an hour later the following information was given:

— that he asked Shri Mataji to take him to see Shri Ganesha and She agreed;
— that he was levitated by Her and they traveled across the infinite Universe;
— that he had to go through a black hole to reach Shri Ganesha and came upon another world;
— that he felt very nice after crossing the black hole and approaching Shri Ganesha's abode;
— that as he descended with Shri Mataji he saw an open-air temple with 4 pillars and a roof, but with no walls around;
— he saw Lord Ganesha meditating in the middle;
— he saw pictures of Mother, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna around Him;
— that Lord Ganesha has an elephant face;
— that He has 4 arms. He was meditating with 2 arms while 1 hand held a bowl from which smoke was coming out;
— that there was a mouse sitting beside Him;
— that His body was grayish in colour;
— that He has a big belly.

Kash's fluent description stunned his father and Bhupinder. There was absolutely no way his 13-year-old son could know such precise knowledge, some of which that even the educated father did not know.

There were quick-fire questions from both excited adults as they fired a barrage of questions in hurried eagerness and disbelief. But the child replied with a cool confidence and quiet calmness. His answers brought even further questions but there was no contradiction even under intense cross-examination.

Even when pressured about the absurdity of some facts he did not budge. He was just narrating what he had seen with his spiritual eyes.

Kash was especially repeatedly asked whether he was sure that there was a mouse beside Shri Ganesha. He insisted there was and had even seen this mouse standing on its hind legs and held the forelegs together, as if in namaskaar!

Yet, the mind still refused to believe. What did a mouse and one of the most revered of Deities have in common? In the first place, what was a mouse doing in the Spiritual World? Although Kash could give no answer to these logical questions, he steadfastly stood by what he saw.

719) Sri Ganamba — The Mother of Sri Ganesha.

Meaning of Shri Ganesh Pancaratna Stotra

Gajavaktra - Elephant-Mouthed

The elephant-mouthed Ganesha is very fond of sweets. With a huge belly signifying wealth and the modaka sweet in his hand, symbolic of the realised Inner Self, he personifies love.

Akhuratha - One With Mouse As His Charioteer

Lord Ganesha, with a huge body, has a small mouse as his charioteer. The hugeness matters little when the study of life principles is considered. The soul may be the greatest or the smallest. This represents life in its totality and Lord Ganesha is suggestive of these cosmic aspects.

Alampata - The Eternal

By whose puissance this world of illusion is manifest, whose creation is this universe, who is the Lord of all gods and creation, he is the Eternal, Lord Ganesha.

Amit - One Who Has No Comparison

Ganesha is the embodiment of 'OM', the symbol of the Great God. He is the Eternal Sprit, the Beginning of all beginnings, beyond comparison.

Anantachidrupamayam - Infinite and Consciousness Personified

He who is the root cause of the worlds, who is uniquely manifest in the hearts of all, can be realised only by concentrated meditation. Lord Ganesha, the Infinite, is beyond distinctions and beginning.

Avaneesh - Master of the Whole Earth

As a rotund, elephant-faced figure, Lord Ganesha is the Lord and Master of the whole Earth. He is the protector of the visible world and leader of the helpless, destroying all evil and obstacles.

Avighna - Without Obstacles

The mighty, massive Ganesha, mounted on his vehicle, bestows everything desired if his devotees chant his name with fervour and devotion. He is also responsible in keeping away all obstacles from their path.

Balaganapati - The Beloved Child

Lord Ganesha is adored by all the gods, even by the four-faced Brahma, and Lord Indra. As the elephant- faced child, he is the colour or the rays of the rising sun.

Bhalchandra - Sporting The Moon Crest

A moon crest adorns the forehead of Lord Ganesha. It denotes a pot of nectar, providing divine coolness to the wearer. It is also denotes intelligence and mental enlightenment, the moon being the symbol of mind and peace.

Bheema - Gigantic

The massive Lord Ganesha reposes on the jewelled throne with the snare, the hamulus and the lotus flower in his hands. On his forehead reposes the moon. He is four armed, has a single tusk, a trunk askew, a pot belly and he is gigantic.

Bhoopati - Lord of the Lords

Bhoopati, also called Ganapati, is the Lord of the lords, the Master of the ganas or celestial hordes. He is worshipped by Brahma himself and is worshipped in all the three worlds.

Bhoovanpati - Lord of the Lords

Bhoovanpati is the Great God Himself to whom even the Trinity - Vishnu the Protector, Shiva the Destroyer and Brahma the Creator - pay obeisance and propitiate Him to save the world from evil.

Buddhinath - Lord of Wisdom

Lord Ganesha, the Lord of wisdom, is the repository of all knowledge. His illimitable erudition makes even Goddess Saraswati and Sage Narada bow their heads in awe.

Buddhipriya - Bestower of Knowledge

Buddhipriya, the repository of knowledge, bestows guileless discretion to the worshiper. As ruler of the Mooladhara Chakra or plexus, he arouses a person's latent energy or life force to take him to the Divine Light.

Buddhividhata - God Of Wisdom

By chanting Lord Ganesha's name day in and day out, one gets richer by imbibing all knowledge and wisdom from him, who is of enlightened heart and unwavering wisdom.

Chaturbhujeti - Four-Armed

The four-armed Ganesha is an embodiment of truth, discretion, having control over money power and bondage. These four arms represent the four castes: Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishys and Shudra, symbolically indicating his divinity.

Devadeva - Lord of All Lords

Lord Ganesha is the Master of all. He is always worshipped in the three worlds by all, and is the first to be reverenced among the celestials.

Devantakanashakarin - Destroyer of Demons

Lord Ganesha, the destroyer of evils, slew the powerful demons, re-establishing righteousness and peace in the three worlds.

Devavrata - Accepter of All Penances

The elephant-faced Ganesha is propitiated by all as He is Auspiciousness personified. he is the granter of boons and responds to penances of his devotees.

Devendrashika - Protector Of the Gods

Lord Ganesha, Protector of the gods, is their beloved. With a large form, who has the mouse as his vehicle, he is the embodiment of peace and tranquility - the giver of peace to all.

Dharmik - One Who Favours Charity

The Great Lord Ganesha is gentle, forgiving and compassionate. He likes to prod man with his goad to the path of righteousness and truth so that he can learn to be charitable.

Dhoomravarna - Smoke-Coloured Body

The smoke-hued Ganesha is the beloved Lord of gods and mortals. His body is sometimes compared with a red lotus. His hands are ornamented with gem-studded bangles and his whole smoke-coloured image is enchanting.

Durja - The Invincible

Lord Ganesha, the elephant-faced, pot-bellied Lord is Infinite Strength and Power personified. He is deathless, has no beginning or end - he is invincible.

Dvaimatura - Son of Two Mothers

Goddess Parvati created a child from the perspiration that came off her body. She lowered him into the River Ganga and he grew into a large being. Both Parvati and Ganga claimed to be his mother.

Ekaakshara - Of The Single Syllable

Lord Ganesha is the symbol of a single syllable 'OM', the symbol of the great God. He is also known as Pranava, the sound from which the world emanated. Ekadanta - He Of Single Tusk

The round, massive Ganesha sports a single tusk, a broken one, which symbolises him as beyond the rules of cosmic orderliness, as he is the cosmos itself. The broken tusk represents the shedding of the ego.

Ekadrishta - Single-Tusked

The single-tusked Ganesha stands for one direction. He gathers information from various directions, but having decided his course of direction, he does not waver. The single tusk represents the non-dualistic nature of reality.

Eshanputra - Son Of Shiva

Lord Ganesha is the elder son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. He is the elephant-faced son, having a simple broken tusk and trunk that is askew. He is the delight of them.

Gadadhara - Wielder Of The Mace

As Gadadhara, Lord Ganesha wields powerful weapons for destroying demons of evil. The gada or mace is the divine weapon used to wipe out evil and slay the asuras.

Gajakarna - Elephant-Eyed

The elephant-eyed Ganesha is the embodiment of goodness and virtue, his size belying his non-violent nature. The small eyes radiate wisdom and compassion, powerful, yet gentle.

Gajanana - Elephant-Faced

Lord Ganesha in the form of Gajanana, with an elephant face, is deemed to be a very auspicious symbol, warding off possible mishaps and troubles. he stands for power and strength.

Gajananeti - Elephant-Faced

The elephant-faced Lord Ganesha is one-tusked, has a large body with a huge belly, and is capable of destroying all obstacles.

Gajavakra - Elephant Trunk

Ganesha with his twisted trunk is symbolic of his vast knowledge and powers of discrimination, vital for spiritual progress. The curved trunk is shaped like 'OM', also symbolic of the life force energy.

Ganadhakshya - Lord Of The Celestial Hordes

Lord Ganesha is the Chief of the group of gods, the celestials. He is the Lord of all he surveys, the Master of the earth, the universe, the cosmos, all creation.

Ganadhyakshina - Lord Of The Celestials

Lord Ganesha is the Lord of the gods and is the beloved of all. As the Chief and Supreme God among gods, he is worshipped by all.

Ganapati - Lord Of The Ganas

Lord Ganesha is also called Ganapati, the Lord of the celestial hordes. He is the Supreme Deity, Lord Almighty, who rules over the entire kingdom of the gods.

Gaurisuta - Son Of Gauri

Gauri is another name of Goddess Parvati. Gaurisuta is Lord Ganesha, the deft son of Gauri. He enlightens and causes his mother's face to blossom with his love and devotion.

Gunina - Lord Of All Virtues

Gunina, the Lord of all virtues, is Grace personified, making everything auspicious. His immense grace and radiance is supreme and ethereal, and is adored by one and all.

Haridra - The Golden One

Lord Ganesha, although smoke-coloured, is the Golden One, as he has a moon crest on his forehead, a sacred thread in the form of a serpent round his body, cheeks anointed with a vermilion paste, glowing golden like the rays of the sun.

Heramba - Beloved Of The Mother

Lord Ganesha is Heramba, the fire-headed Protector of the weak. He is his mother's beloved, and is her protector.

Kapil - Tawny-Coloured

The tawny-coloured elephant-faced Ganesha is the God of wisdom who teaches that the path of success and achievement is through the use of intellect, and that through wisdom alone can one reach salvation.

Kaveesha - Lord Of Poets

Ganesha is the Lord of wisdom from whom emanates knowledge that is divine. All poets invoke his grace before picking up their pens, for he is the Lord of poets from whose divine pen flow divine words.

Kirti - Lover Of Music

Lord Ganesha is Nada Brahman, Lord of music. He is the repository of knowledge and a mine of virtues from whom emanates illimitable erudition, and cosmic music and rhythm.

Shambhavi - Son Of Parvati

Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati. He is the playfully deft son and is adored by his parents. He enlightens and causes his mother's face to blossom with love for him.

Shashivarnam - Moon-Complexioned

He who is attired in a white garment and who is all-pervading, is Lord Ganesha, the elephant-faced Lord with a moon - complexion that glows brightly, indicating mental enlightenment, the moon being the symbol of peace.

Vishwamukha - Lord Of The Universe

Lord Ganesha is the Supreme Reality, the Atman of all. He is the witness of all that is happening in the world. He is the Lord of the universe, the Supreme Being who has no beginning, who has no end.

Yagnakaya - Accepter of Sacrificial Fires

The clam and majestic Ganesha, with the strength and power of an elephant, is the Lord of the universe. He evokes great love and accepts the sacrificial fires offered to him by gods and mortals.

Kripakaram - Who Is Merciful

Lord Ganesha, as Kripakaram, wavy with profound kindness, is the sea exhibited by his eyes. He is ever merciful and the beacon of divine light.

Krishapingaksha - Black-Yellowish-Brown-Eyed

Lord Ganesha, whose eyes radiate power, compassion, wisdom and love, is omnipotent and infinite. His small eyes dazzle with the exuberance of the light of a million suns.

Kshamakaram - Adobe Of Forgiveness

Constant and regular chanting of Lord Ganesha's name is a sure path for atonement of sins. He is the adobe of forgiveness, the seat of compassion, and most forgiving. Repose faith in him and he will protect you.

Kshipra - Quick-Acting

Handsome of appearance and red in colour like the hibiscus flower, he holds his broken tusk, noose, goad, and sprig of the wish-fulfilling tree in his hands and a pot of precious gems in his trunk.

Lambakarna - Large-Eared

The large-eared Ganesha is a mine of information gathered from all directions. His large ears are used for winnowing information, retaining only the essentials.

Lambodara - Huge-Bellied

The big-bellied Ganesha is the symbol of the whole universe - all that is conceivable in the whole cosmos - from which all events of the world emerge. It is symbolic of his capacity to assimilate the whole information.

Mahabala - Extremely Strong

Lord Ganesha, with his huge body, is symbolic of the cosmos or the universe. He is extremely strong and powerful, endowed with intellectual prowess.

Mahaganapati - The Omnipotent And All-Powerful

Lord Ganesha, the Almighty, the Supreme Infinite, is omnipotent and all powerful. His infinite form is beyond man's comprehension, and is limitless.

Maheswaram - Lord Of The Universe

Maheshwaram, from whom the universe is born, is the Eternal Brahman. All the elements - earth, fire, air, water and ether - are manifest in him. He is the Supreme Lord of the universe.

Mangalamoorti - The Auspicious

Lord Ganesha is the personification of all that is auspicious. He who was worshipped by Lord Shiva before his vanquishing Tripurasur, by Lord Vishnu before his tying of Bali in the rope, by Lord Brahma before creating the world, by Parvati before her slaying the demon Manisha, is Mangalamoorti.

Manomay - Conqueror Of One's Heart

Lord Ganesha is the God of all people, big and small, educated and illiterate. He is compassionate and forgiving, wise and intellectual. With his huge body, gentle eyes and calm countenance, he fills one's heart with love.

Mritunjaya - Deathless

the Infinite Lord Ganesha has no beginning or end. He is deathless and the root cause of the creation. He is the embodiment of 'OM', the symbol of the Great God who has no end and is invincible.

Mudakaram - Abode Of Joy

Lord Ganesha is the home of Siddhi and Buddhi, the repository of knowledge and the adobe of joy. He bestows happiness and welfare to all.

Muktidaya - Giver Of Eternal Peace

Muktidaya is Lord Ganesha who grants security to his devotees, thereby providing eternal peace. He destroys all the obstacles that one may face when entreated by his devotees.

Musikvahan - He With The Mouse As His Vehicle

Lord Ganesha, with his massive body, favours the mouse as his beloved vehicle. The mouse, known to cause great havoc, is kept under the control of Ganesha by serving as his vehicle.

Nadapratithista - Lover Of Music

Lord Ganesha is symbolic of the music and rhythm of the cosmos. He loves music and some times a veena is one of the attributes seen in his hands. He is the patron of music and dance.

Namasthetu - Destroyer Of All Sins

Lord Ganesha is the sea-fire to end the sea. He purges the devotees of all sins by and impieties by his holy fire.

Nandana - Son Of Lord Shiva

Nandana, son of Lord Shiva, is the mind-born son of Lord Shiva, or, as popularly believed, the creation of Parvati. He is the elder son of Shankara, and the beloved of his mother, Uma. Nideeswaram - Master Of All Kinds Of Treasures Lord Ganesha, the repository of knowledge, is adorable, with his plump body, his tusk broken and single. His is the Lord of all wealth - material as well as spiritual - endowed with intrinsic qualities that command the respect of all.

Pashin - One Who Sits Like A Rock

Lord Ganesha is Infinite and Consciousness personified, solid and unwavering like a rock, who is unshakeable, Invincible, the seat of infinite power, the pure essence of luminous mind.

Pitambar - Wearer Of Yellow Clothes

Lord Ganesha, who wears clothes of white and yellow, personifies purity and uniqueness. With a deep knowledge of the self, he is the eternal sprit who is changeless yet causes change all around.

Pramod - Lord Of The Place

As Pramod, Lord Ganesha is the only refuge of the shelterless as he is Lord of the place. He is the Lord of the gods, the repository of wisdom, the seat of spiritual awakening, from whom creation has come.

Prathameshvar - One Who Holds the First Place

Lord Ganesha, the eternal spirit, the Brahman, is the God of Auspiciousness, holding the first place. He is the Beginning of all beginnings, worshipped by Mahesha and other gods.

Purush - The Supreme Authority

Lord Ganesh is Purush, the Supreme Authority. He is the Omniscient Lord Almighty who rules over the entire universe. He is the Ultimate Reality, the One Truth, the Manifest Spirit.

Rakta - Red-coloured

Lord Ganesha's body hue is compared to the red lotus and his tusk to the vermilion blood marks when it is thrust into his enemies for destruction.

Rudrapriya - Beloved Of Shiva

Lord Ganesha, the beloved son of Shiva, is the Master of all, whose virtuous qualities are orisoned by even the creator, Brahma. He is Shiva's revered and noble son.

Sarvadevatman - Accepter Of Celestial Offerings

As Lord of the gods, Lord Ganesha is happy to accept the loving offerings of the celestials. They adore and worship him, and as their master, and he bestows his grace on them.

Sarvasiddhanta - Provider Of Adeptness To His Disciples

The repository of wisdom and knowledge, Lord Ganesha bestows success on his devotees. He who chants his name continually will be sure of being blessed with the ability to be adept in all his actions.

Savatman - Blesser Of The Universe

He who dwells in every heart in a secret manner, by whose command this entire world exists, who is Infinite and the Enlighter of the hearts, by knowledge, he is Sarvatman, Lord Ganesha.

Shoorpakarna - Large-Eared

Lord Ganesha is the Lord with large ears. These large ears serve the purpose of gathering information from all possible directions. Like a winnowing basket, His ears are receptive and attuned to every mortal's cry of woe or praise.

Shuban - One Who is Auspicious

A prayer to Lord Ganesha precedes all worship for he is auspicious and nothing can take place without invoking his name. For, he is the remover of obstacles in one's path, and the guarantor of success in all ventures.

Shubhagunakanan - Mine Of All Virtues

Lord Ganesha is the Lord of all treasures and virtues, symbolic of perfection and infinite beauty he is compassionate, forgiving, endearing and protector of all that is good.

Shwete - White Colour

The huge-bellied Lord Ganesha, with an elephant face, a single-tusk which is askew, has his body and clothes white, being worshipped on the shore of ocean of milk with white flowers. His face beams the beatitude.

Siddhidhata - Bestower Of Success

The chanting of Lord Ganesha's name will pay rich dividends in the form of being bestowed with success. The Lord is the bestower of the desired abilities.

Siddhipriya - Bestower Of Boons

Siddipriya is Lord Ganesha who grants the desires and boons of his devotees. Being compassionate and large- hearted the elephant-faced Ganesha fulfils the wishes of worshipers.

Siddhivinayaka - Bestower Of Success

Lord Ganesha's huge pot-belly is symbolic of wealth and success. He bestows both on his devotees, being the kind and compassionate Lord who grants them boons and showers them with success.

Skandapoorvaja - Older Than Skanda

Ganesha is the older son of Shiva and Parvati, and brother of Skanda (Karthik). He is the destroyer of the asura's pride, and protector of the weak and helpless. He protects and loves his brother Skanda.

Sumukha - Of Auspicious And Pleasant Visage

His strange visage is in the form of 'OM' the sound symbolic of the cosmos in its entirely. He is the symbol of auspiciousness.

Sureshwaram - Lords Of All The Gods

Sureshwaram is Lord Ganesha as Head of the ganas or celestials. He is the Being, the Foremost Being, the very cause of the creation of the cosmos Lord Almighty.

Swaroop - Lover Of Beauty

Lord Ganesha, the Master of resourcefulness and perfection in all spheres, is a lover of beauty. His awkward body signifies that outward form has no connection with inner beauty and spiritual perfection.

Tarun - The Youthful

The youth Ganesha, ever youthful, is Wisdom personified. His huge body takes on the colour of red like the noonday sun, depicting the strength of youth.

Uddanda - Punisher Of Evil

Uddanda is Lord Ganesha as punisher of evil. He also forgives those who seek his pardon. He is the vanquisher of demons and remover of all obstacles.

Umaputra - Son Of Uma

Uma, another name of Pravati, desired to have a son. Lord Shiva granted her wish and Ganesha took form. He is the beloved son of Uma, her delight, and obedient servant, ever ready to serve her.

Vakratunda - Askew-Trunked

Lord Ganesha, the single-tusked one, is attribute with an askew proboscis or trunk, which symbolises power, capable of destroying all obstacles and evil.

Varaganapati - Bestower Of Boons

Ganesha is the bestower of all fruits of desire and granter of all adeptness that his worshipers seek. He is magnanimous and forgiving, being a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

Varaprada - Granter Of Boons

Lord Ganesha grants boons to his devotees. He is most efficacious. He gives knowledge to the seeker of wisdom, prosperity to those desiring wealth. issues to the childless, and guidance of spiritual liberation.

Varadavinayaka - Bestower Of Bounty And Success

The massive Ganesha, the granter of boon to his devotees, is the guarantor of success in all ventures. His devotees need never fear failure. As the benefactor of his devotees, he is greatly adored by them.

Veeraganapati - The Valiant Warrior

The red-complexioned Ganesha is sometimes attributed with eight pairs of arms, holding a bow, arrow, goblin, spear, hammer, mace, pick-axe, serpent, banner, trident, discus, good, noose, battle-axe, sword and shield all signs of a valiant warrior.

Vidyavaridhi - respository Of All Knowledge

Lord Ganesha is the God of wisdom. He incinerates ignorance by his divine fire and enlightens by his knowledge. He is a goldmine of knowledge and wisdom.

Vignahara - Destroyer Of Evils

Vignahara is Lord Ganesha, who like a vigorous wind, scatters away and destroys the dark clouds of evils. His name's ever recollection removes all sins.

Vignaharta - Destroyer Of Obstacles

Lord Ganesha is a veritable scepter that destroys all obstacles. He is the destroyer of multitudes of obstacles, destroyer of all afflictions.

Vighnanashin - Destroyer Of Obctacles

The askew-trunked Ganesha, also called vighnanashin, is the destroyer of all impediments. He is the destroyer of darkness created by obstacles.

Vighnaraja - Lord Of All Obstacles

The veritable scepter to destroy all objects, Lord Ganesha is invincible. He is the inimitable jungle fire who destroys the jungle of troubles for his devotees. He is the destroyer of multitudes of obstacles.

Vighnarajendra - Lord Of All Obstacles

The noble Ganesha is the king of all factors causing obstacles. He causes obstacles for the demons and enemies, causing them to stumble and be vanquished.

Vighnavinashanaya - Destroyer Of All Afflictions

The four-armed Ganesha is sometimes attributed with eight pairs of hands that are symbolic of destruction of evil. He protects his devotees by destroying all afflictions.

Vigneshwar - Lord Of All Obstacles

Vigneshwar, the only sun to destroy the darkness caused by obstacles, the only fire to incinerate the jungle of impediments, the only Garuda to browbeat the haughty snakes of troubles, is the Lord of all obstacles.

Vikat - Of The Monstrous Figure

Lord Ganesha, the most adorable one, adored by all gods, is endowed with a huge, monstrous body, symbolising unity of the primeval forest denizen with man combining the physical energies of mortals.

Vinayaka - Lord Of All

As Vinayaka, Lord Ganesha is the Supreme Leader of all, being endowed with special qualities. He is the Chief of all the celestial demi-gods, and is ever adored by them.

Yashaskaram - Giver Of Frame And Glory

Lord Ganesha is worshipped by both the devas and the asuras, for he is the Lord of the gods. He gives prosperity, fame and glory to all the worlds, shining with a lustrous glow.

Yashvasin - The Popular

The pot-bellied, askew-trunked single-tusk Ganesha is popularly the beloved of all. He is the subject of those who sing his praise, the jewel from whose face flows nectar.

Yogadhipa - Lover Of Meditation

Lord Ganesha is the fountainhead of wisdom, the Great God, that Eternal Truth, that Eternal Reality. His name is chanted at the beginning and end of meditation at all times.”

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