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The Holy Qur'n

Surah 75:36-40

1.   I do call to witness the Resurrection Day; 
2.   And I do call to witness the self-reproaching Spirit.
3.   Does man think that We cannot assemble his bones? 
4.   Nay, We are able to put together in perfect order, the very tip of his fingers.
5.   But man wishes to do wrong (even) in the time in front of him. 
6.   He questions: "When is the Day of Resurrection?"
7.   At length, when the sight is dazed
8.   And the moon is buried in darkness
9.   And the sun and moon are joined together that Day will Man say; 
10. "Where is the refuge?"
11. By no means! No place of safety!" 
12. Before the Lord (alone), that Day will be the place of rest.
13. That Day will Man be told (all) that he put forward, and all that he put back.
14. Nay, man will be evidence against himself, 
15. Even though he were to make excuses.
16. Move not thy tongue concerning the (Qur'n), to make haste therewith.
17. It is for Us to collect it and to promulgate it: 
18. But when We have promulgated it, follow thou its recital:
19. Nay more, it is for Us to explain it: 
20. Nay, (ye men!) but ye love the fleeting life, 
21. And leave alone the Hereafter.
22. Some faces, that Day, will beam (in brightness and beauty) - 
23. Looking towards their Lord;
24. And some faces, that Day, will be sad and dismal, 
25. In the thought that some backbreaking calamity was about to be inflicted on them;
26. Yea, when (the soul) reaches to the collarbone (in its exit), 
27. And there will be a cry, "Who is a magician (to restore him)?"
28. And he will conclude that it was (the Time) of Parting; 
29. And one leg will be joined with another:
30. The Day the Drive will be (all) to thy Lord!
31. So he gave nothing in charity, nor did he pray! - 
32. But on the contrary, he rejected Truth and turned away!
33. Then did he stalk to his family in full conceit!
34. Woe to thee, (O man!), yea, woe! 
35. Again, woe to thee, (O man!), yea, woe!
Does Man think that he will be left uncontrolled, (without purpose)?
37. Was he not a drop of sperm emitted (in lowly form)?
Then did he become a clinging clot;
     Then did (Allah) make and fashion (him) in due proportion.
39. And of him He made two sexes, male and female. 
40. Has not he, (the same), the power to give life to the dead?

surah 75:1-40 Al Qiyamah (The Resurrection)
Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, Amana Corporation, 1989.

Do Humans Think They Sin Forever?

Does Man think that he will be left uncontrolled (without purpose)?
Was he not a drop of sperm in lowly form? 
Then did he not become a clinging clot?
Then did not Allah make and fashion him? 
And did He not make him of two sexes?  Male and female.
Has not He the power to give life to the dead?

surah 75:36-40 Al Qiyamah (The Resurrection)
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, Amana Corporation, 1989.)

  • Do humans think that they will be left uncontrolled without purpose? without moral responsibility? without accountability?

  • Do humans think that they will be left uncontrolled to destroy righteousness? corrupt His Earth? defy His messengers?

  • Do humans think that they will be left uncontrolled to challenge His Plan? mock His Compassion? mislead His children?

  • Do humans think that they will be left uncontrolled to deny His Existence? mutilate His Good News? resist His Warning?

  • Do humans think that they will be left uncontrolled to deviate True Believers (Al-Mu'minun)? from the Straight Path? twist the Truth?

  • Do humans think that they will be left uncontrolled to conjecture innovations? inspire rejection? devise divisions?

  • Do humans think that they will be left uncontrolled to speculate the Hereafter? guess Revelation? rationalize mysteries?

  • Were you not a drop of sperm in lowly form?

  • Then did you not become a clinging clot?

  • Then did not Allah make and fashion you?

  • And did He not make you of two sexes? male and female.

  • Hasn't He the power to give life to the dead?

  • Doesn't He have the Power to give life to the dead?

  • Doesn't Allah have the Power to resurrect the living?

  • Doesn't Khudda have the Power to strengthen you with His Spirit?

  • Doesn't His Ruh have the Power to complete His Al-Qadar (Divine Predeterminations)?

  • Doesn't His Ruh have the Power to reveal all His Parables?

  • Doesn't the Mahdi have the Power to complete all His Prophecies?

  • Doesn't His Adi Shakti have the Power to lead all to His Kingdom?

  • Doesn't His Spirit have the Power to grant the eternal life of His Promised Paradise?

  • Doesn't God Almighty have the Power to destroy all that is false, misleading, divisive, delusive and satanic?

"The Day of Judgment appears across the spectrum of world religions in various shapes and forms. In Islam, it is said that a denial of its coming is a direct denial of the foundations of Islamic conviction."


"Allah has given frequent warnings against Evil and want of Faith in all ages, through Signs and through inspiration - the latter ("the Word") being even more direct and personal than the former. Those who did not heed the warning found to their cost that it was true, and they perished. Such contumacy is the rejection of Truth only yields when the actual penalty is in sight....

If Faith results from an active exertion of our spiritual faculties or understanding, it follows that if we let those die, Allah's Signs in His Creation or in the spoken Word which comes by inspiration through the mouths of His Messengers will not reach us anymore than music reaches a deaf man... 

The Furqan, the Criterion between right and wrong, has been sent to us from Allah. If we accept guidance, it is not as if we confer favours on those who bring us guidance. They suffer unselfishly for us, in order that we may be guided for our own good. On the other hand, if we reject it, it is our own loss. We have a certain amount of free will, and the responsibility is ours and cannot be shifted to the Teachers sent by Allah."

                                                    Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n

"Generally, Muslims are taught not to use their minds in religious matters. This teaching is spread through some false hadith. Purportedly, the use of the mind in religious matters would lead us astray. If the mind may not be used in religious matters, why may it be used in other matters? Are religious and secular matters to be kept separate? Indeed, this is what has paralyzed the intellects of Muslims in comparison with others. The minds of Muslims have been dead for a thousand years, killed by these false hadiths. On the contrary, the teaching of the Quran give the mind a noble place. God deems human beings who do not use their minds worse than animals! (7:179) God bars those who do not use their minds from the fold of the faithful. (10:100)"

      Dr. Rashad Khalifa, Ph.d, (Masjid Tucson, USI,  Tucson, AZ, USA.)


"Because the Ottoman state was based on the principles of the religion it began everything with madrasa education. In madrasas today, Arabic, sarf, nahw, logic, fiqh, badi', bayan, ma'ni are taught. They teach them in order to understand the religious books which are in Arabic correctly. They say that the gate of ijtihad have been closed. The majority of those who got education in the madrasa have remained on the first steps of these branches of knowledge. [Even] one out of a hundred hodjas does not know how to read and write correctly. Many of the hodjas, whose lives elapse in the madrasa, cannot pass beyond reading and writing as if it were a sea without shores, and the meaning remains unknown to them like the poles. They are lazy, ignorant and fanatical. I wish their fanaticism were for something which they knew. They are fanatical in defending something which they do not know. And their purpose is to exploit Muslims and live comfortably. Though these hodjas are ideally and morally ignorant, they are in the disguise of religious scholars. There are real scholars among them. It is a debt for us to respect them. Today, there is nothing left of Islam in madrasas. Pulpits, made in order to teach the religion, decency and the Qur'n, are used for nothing but deceiving Muslims."

Waqf Ikhlas, Istanbul, 21 June 1995.





"Salvation" is a term which arises most clearly in the Christian tradition —the idea that God's love through Jesus Christ will save humans from their sinful state. However, other religions have parallel concepts. Rather than salvation, Jews speak of "redemption"for individuals, for Israel and indeed for all nations. In Islam the closest parallel is found in the term najat which means"escape or deliverance from the fires of hell to the pleasures of paradise by following God's guidance.”In Judaism, Christianity and Islam the human condition from which we all begin is one of sin or disobedience to God, and it is from that state that we need to be saved. When we turn to Hinduism and Buddhism, however, it is human ignorance rather than sin that is our baseline human experience. Our ignorance traps us in a seemingly unending series of lives—of birth, aging, sickness and death repeated over and over. This apparently endless series of suffering, death and rebirth is the human condition that leads one to long for"release from rebirth"— the Hindu and Buddhist functional parallel to the idea of salvation.”Release"for Hindus is referred to as moksa, while Buddhists call it nirvana.

In his classic work, The Varieties of Religious Experience, the psychologist William James suggests that we humans innately seek for a wider sense of ourselves through which saving experiences come. This"Wider self," says James, might well be the door that the divine uses to enter into the lives of humans here on earth. In the chapters that follow we are introduced to different perceptions of the divine, of our human condition, and of the"Wider sense of self"through which salvation may come. In the history of the human search for salvation we find not only differences between religious but also a great variety of understandings within each tradition. What is common, however, is the basic insight found in all the religious traditions"that this world is not a place in which we are hopelessly lost, that evil or illusory as the world may be, and sinful or ignorant as we are, there is a way, a path, that leads from darkness to light, from lostness to salvation.

Harold Coward
Sin and Salvation in the World Religions: A Short Introduction



I do call to witness the Resurrection Day; 
And I do call to witness the self-reproaching Spirit.



What they are questioning for among themselves?
About the Great News.
In which they differ.
Yes, they will now know.
Again, yes, they will soon know.

SURAH AL-NABA (The Great News)





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Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection): Ayaat 1-2

Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection): Ayaat 3-4 

Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection): Ayaat 5-6 

Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection): Ayaat 7-10

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Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection): Ayaat 31-35

Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection): Ayaat 36-40


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Regions within Revealed (Fussilat)

Sun And Moon Joined Together (Al-Qiyamah)

Allah's Iron Has Been Delivered (Al Hadid)

Revelation Of Light Completed (Al Saf)

Mighty Blast On Earth Announced (Qaf)

Mighty Blast In Sky Has Occurred (Qaf)

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Ruh Of Allah Explained In Detail (Al Isra)

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Allah Will Not Address Them (Al Baqarah)

The Dealers In Fraud (Al Mutaffun)

The Day You Were Not Aware (Al Rum) 

What Will Explain To Thee? (Al Infitar)

My Messengers Must Prevail (Al Mujadidah)

Night Of Power And Fate (Al Qadr)

Day Of Noise and Clamour (Al Qariah)

The Night Visitant (Al Tariq)

Second Coming (Al Zukhruf) 

Caller From within (Qaf) 

Blasts Of Truth (Qaf) 

Fear My Warning (Qaf)

Deliver Warning (Al Muddaththir)



The Holy Qur'n (Abdullah Yusuf Ali) 


Proof Of Divinity 1 (click to enlarge)

Proof Of Divinity 2 (click to enlarge) 

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God 


Does Man think that he will be left uncontrolled (without purpose)?   

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Surah Al-Qiyamah
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Ayaat 5-6  | Ayaat 7-10
Ayaat 11-13 | Ayaat 14-15
Ayaat 16-19 | Ayaat 20-21
Ayaat 22-25 | Ayaat 26-30
Ayaat 31-35 | Ayaat 36-40
Winds Of Qiyamah (Fatir)

Your Hands Will Speak (Fussilat)
The Angels Sent Forth (Al Mursalat)
Regions within Revealed (Fussilat)
Sun And Moon Joined (Al Qiyamah)
Allah's Iron Delivered On Earth (Al Hadid)
Revelation Of Light (Al Saf)Might Blast On Earth (Qaf)
Mighty Blast In Sky (Qaf) | Children Of Israel Gathered (Al Isra)
Hidden Imam Mahdi (Qaf) | Kitab Al Munir (Al Hajj) | Ruh Of Allah (Al Isra)
Baptism Of Allah (Al Baqarah) | Allah Will Not Address Them (Al Baqarah)
Dealers In Fraud (Al Mutaffun) | Day You Were Not Aware (Al Rum) | What Will Explain To Thee (Al Infitar)
My Messengers Must Prevail (Al Mujadidar) | Night Of Power (Al Qadr) | Day Of Noise (Al Qariah) | Night Visitant (Al Tariq)
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