Has Shri Mataji's original Vision, Mission & Message been hijacked?

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Mon Aug 15, 2005 10:15 am
Subject: Has Shri Mataji's original Vision, Mission & Message been hijacked?

—- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com," violet_tubb"
> Dear Yogini,
> Thank you for your email.
> It is my policy to post quotes of private messages without
> revealing the person's identity in order to help other SY's.
> i would encourage you to post directly, even under another ID if
> you have any fears about posting directly.
> Violet
> Here is a letter i have received from a Sahaja Yogini, whose name i
> will keep anonymous, to protect her identity...
> > Violet,
> >
> > You have already given the answer to all of your questions below
> > with this quote:
> >
> >"The main point is that you leave everything to Paramchaitanya in
> > your wisdom. If you cannot, then you have not felt the real
> > knowledge within you.”
> >
> > I am a good Sahaja Yogi(ni) who sees the hypocrisy of the WCASY. > > Frankly, I don't believe that Shri Mataji formed it. It is
> > unnecessary, if the Paramchaitanya is guiding us.
> >
> > Perhaps the best course of action for us is to let the
> > Paramchaitanya do the work and we just watch the play. After
> > all, we have all the tools necessary - Havan, shoe beat, string
> > burning, etc.
> >
> > I for one intend to give self-realization and help others to grow
> > in Sahaja Yoga - not in an incorporated organization but in the
> > Sahaja Yoga within themselves. That's the Sahaja Yoga I'm
> > spreading.
> >
> > Regards,
> > (yogini)
> >
> >

Dear sister,

Sahaja Yoga has entered a dangerous phase given the direction management SYs are taking in organizing the Truth and inducing others to believe that WCASY council members represent the Will of Shri Mataji. It will naive of us to forget history - those in power always organized a religion out of every messenger's teachings, forming countless conflicting churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and gurdwaras. The masses just blindly followed these self-empowered representatives of the Divine — priests, pastors, reverends, bishops, popes, rabbis, clerics, imams, mullahs, shaikhs, ulema, ayatollahs, gurus, swamis, pandits, brahmins, acaryas, bhagwans, granthis, gianis, lamas, monks, dalai lamas. Few of the faithful were ever able to be their own masters in the real sense of the word as even they too belonged to one of the countless religious sect. None were able to embrace the teachings of all the prophets and scriptures.

In the 1970's Shri Mataji came with the Great News and openly declared the Divine Message to humanity. Sahaja Yoga is but a by- product of the original Divine Message. Those management SYs jostling for power need the legal ownership of the name"Sahaja Yoga"to enforce their future will on all Her devotees. Since WCASY now own it you have little choice but to unwittingly empower them against your will. Next they will patent all treatments and meditation methods just like Bikram did. Even Shri Mataji's teachings will be strictly copyrighted. Only those willing to follow their organized truth will be able to use such material.

The only way you can be free to be your own master is to simplify and protect the heart and soul of Shri Mataji's teachings i.e., spreading the Divine Message to humanity. Just tell others about the Divine Message and give them self-realization to continue on their own. All they need to do is to meditate twice a day and be daily conscious that the Last Judgment and Resurrection is taking place. There should be no need to do any external rituals like havan, shoe beat, string burning, etc. because The Mother Kundalini and Cool Breeze can by far take care of all problems. Compared to the later, all forms of cures and treatments pale in significance and effectiveness. Moreover these rituals will be rejected by most non- Hindus as they are not found in the Holy Scriptures.

Many SYs think all these treatments are necessary because all these years they have been conditioned to rely on external aids instead of their internal spiritual powers. And if tomorrow WCASY decides to patent the treatments those not subscribing to their organized truth will not be able to use them without their permission. Thus simplifying the facts and self-empowering new seekers to be their own masters from the beginning is of paramount importance. This is the only way Shri Mataji's Original Vision, Mission & Message can never be hijacked and edited out by those claiming to be representatives of Her Will.

For the past two weeks I have been able to meditate and reflect deeply on this issue as my computer went for a major repair. Those able to do the same will reach a level of awareness, joy and bliss as how the Paramchaitanya is working out the spread of the Divine Message. The only thing i can say with absolute conviction is that it is the Great News of the Divine Message to humanity, not Sahaja Yoga, that will gather strength in future and spread. i know many SYs will react against such a statement but please refrain. All you need is to climb higher up the mountain and confirm the same point of view. And when you are able to see so many management-controlled SYs walking around aimlessly on the plateau far below you will never look back again. You will be convinced in heart, mind and soul that you have truly lived to the highest standard and understanding of Shri Mataji's Original Vision, Mission & Message.

Jai Shri Mataji,


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