WCASY do not officially uphold Shri Mataji's Great Message as She has requested

—- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com," Violet"
> It seems that WCASY is very enamoured by the 'subtle system'
> tree and cannot see how the 'Great Message of the Resurrection'tree
> is the real message that Shri Mataji came to give to the whole
> world. Without the 'grounding' of the Great Message of the
> Resurrection' tree, the 'subtle system' tree is bound to
> be patented and corporatized until one day it will be difficult to
> comprehend how it could ever have been part and parcel of Shri
> Mataji's 'Great Message of the Resurrection' tree at all!
> Will the original spirit of Sahaja Yoga also get edited out along
> with the editing out of Shri Mataji's Great Message of the
> Resurrection, or is this happening now already. I remember when
> SY's felt the wonder of their spiritual journey, not knowing what
> spiritual heights and depths may be granted to them by the Adi
> Shakti within. Now, it will not be legitimate for SY's to evolve
> beyond the diluted version of WCASY's Message of Sahaja Yoga. If
> the individual yogi's spiritual depths and heights surpass that of
> the WCASY, and yogis subsequently don't fit the WCASY mould, they
> will simply be asked to leave. This is the opposite of how Shri
> Mataji did things and also the opposite of what She has asked yogis
> to do.
> However, we know that WCASY, as much as they vouch for Shri
> Mataji's support of them, do not in turn officially uphold Shri
> Mataji's Great Message of the Resurrection as She has requested.
>"Tell all the nations and tell all the people, all over, the great
> message - that the time of Resurrection is Here. Now, at this time,
> and that you all are capable of doing it. You are the ones who are
> capable of manifesting God's joy on this earth. You are the flutes,
> which are going to play the Melody of God. I am doing all this to
> perfect you to the"most"beautiful instruments of God. Like the
> ship is built, is brought to the sea, tried, and found out to be
> sea-worthy to sail out, when you know everything about the ship,
> everything about the sea. With complete freedom and wisdom, you
> have to sail now. Not afraid of any storms or any gales or any
> typhoons because now all you 'know'. Your job is to cross through.”
> (Australian Sahaja Newsletter - 2 June 1995)

i beleive this stirring speech by Shri Mataji was given at Cowley Manor Seminar on 31st August 1982. These were the early days when Shri Mataji talked very deep and directly about the true nature of Her incarnating on Earth. i believe She expected SYs will rise to the occasion as messengers of the Great Message to humanity, carrying the joyous message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection.

But nothing happened. We find no evidence that any effort was made to spread the Great Message. Only silence greeted Shri Mataji. On the contrary, over the years, much effort was made to suppress it ... .......... a trend that continues till today.

Since 1982 i never heard another similar speech again. Shri Mataji realized quite early that even those leaders She trusted to do the job had no stomach for such a task. None of them wanted to “Tell all the nations and tell all the people, all over, the Great Message - that the time of Resurrection is here.”

Today WCASY do not officially uphold Shri Mataji's Great Message as She has requested, and we have evidence of their dereliction of duty. By claiming to present the Will of Shri Mataji WCASY council members act as judge, jury and executioner. That is why i do not wish to have anything to do with an organization that has the temerity to claim that it presents the Will of Shri Mataji. This is a great satanic lie and we evidence to support this accusation. When those in charge more than two decades ago did not obey Her to"Tell all the nations and tell all the people, all over, the Great Message - that the time of Resurrection is here", what makes anyone think that WCASY council members will? And why should they comply now when they have not done so since 31st August 1982?

Jai Shri Mataji,


—- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com," Violet"
> The Divine Message is obviously not one which WCASY wish to
> declare. Even with their claim to present the Will of Shri
> Mataji's, yet they do not have the spiritual fortitude to declare
> Her Divine Message. Instead, they have used their considerable
> powers and energies to legally augment their temporal power over
> Sahaja Yogis.
> It seems to me that Shri Mataji's now prophetic Words have come
> true. I heard Shri Mataji say many years earlier to us Sahaja Yogis
> at Sydney Airport that if we do not get out this Divine Message of
> the Last Judgment and Resurrection from within the Organization, it
> will go out to the World from Without the Organization. She in
> fact, concluded by saying... “Then it is up to you. We'll see if
> you can do it.”


— In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com," jagbir singh" wrote:

Dear Violet,

Can you give more details about that talk by Shri Mataji at the Sydney Airport? What was the date for example? This is important because we need to make such specific announcements permanently available to all. Obviously in those early days Shri Mataji was trying to set the pace and imbibe faith that the Great News of the Last Judgment and Resurrection must be announced ............ and, to emphasize its utmost importance and assured success, warned that outsiders will if SYs fail to do so. She clearly wanted Her devotees to put all their energies and attention to ensure the success of the Divine Message, challenging them to start announcing the Great News before outsiders accomplish it in the behalf of the Divine. She was actually telling them with maternal love and compassion that they should not be afraid, i.e., if read with paternal inclination, considered hypocrites and judged by history to be the greatest cowards ever to follow an incarnation.

However, not even a single SY move a finger.

But the Shakti had to overcome this reluctance and refusal by Her devotees to be truthful. In late 1993 She set in motion a chain of events that were witnessed and recorded down dutifully. It is all based on the irrefutable revelations and Sure Signs that the Shakti and the messengers of God Almighty have completed their job of validating the Great News to all humanity.

But instead of rejoicing world leaders like Yogi Mahajan started a concerted campaign to destroy the Truth. (i was told he made clear his opposition to Shri Mataji's declaration that the book will silence all critics, and was one of the reasons for his subsequent falling out with Her.) Those days he wielded immense power and influence, and easily found management SYs more than willing to sabotage the book and assassinate the characters of the family. i think he did a great job in convincing many SYs (like Richard Payment) not to believe whatever is written by demonizing my children. They in turn spread his lies.

The present official WCASY opposition to www.adishakti.org and www.al-qiayamh.org is just part and parcel of Yogi Mahajan's campaign. Those in power have collectively refused to get out this Divine Message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection from within the Organization. Today council members like Alan Wherry, by claiming to present the Will of Shri Mataji, can even declare me a non-SY and that the websites have nothing to do with Sahaja Yoga. His claim is in direct contrast and goes again all that i know of Shri Mataji.

So Violet, you know WCASY will rather SYs not have access to anything related to the Divine Message as it subjects themselves to charges of hypocrisy and deceit towards humanity. They obviously cannot be believed to be presenting the Will of Shri Mataji if such sensitive information is available. i also did not know that Shri Mataji said so till you brought this subject up. It is now left to a handful of conscientious SYs to seek, present and preserve such critical early talks of Shri Mataji. Only those who believe that the Divine Message is of utmost importance that must be declared openly to all humanity will collectively work to protect the Truth. The vast majority of SYs have already been led to believe by WCASY and management SYs that the subtle system supersedes everything and is the heart and soul of Sahaja Yoga. Why is this so? Well, unlike the subtle system, getting out this Divine Message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection to humanity requires lots of irrefutable eschatological evidence and Sure Signs preordained by the Bible and Qur'n. Does WCASY have any such blessings from God Almighty?

Jai Shri Mataji,


> —- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com," Violet"

Dear Jagbir,

i came to Sahaja Yoga in 1992-93. From the time i became a Sahaja Yogi, Shri Mataji only visited Australia 2 more times.

My research has shown that one of these tours after 1992-93 was in Her Tour of March/April 1994.

The only other Tour Date in which Shri Mataji came to Australia after 1992-93, i am still researching.

On both these occasion, i along with many other yogis saw Shri Mataji off at Sydney Airport.

It was in one of these last two visits to Australia that Shri Mataji gave Her talk in one of the rooms at Sydney Airport with a room-full of yogis gathered in a circle with Shri Mataji. i remember sitting to the left side of Shri Mataji so i had to turn my head to the right to hear Her talk. Behind me was a heavy gray curtain partitioning. i don't remember Sir C.P. being there. Her final Words were about 'seeing whether we would do the job of spreading the Divine Message to the World, and if we did not do it, it would have to be done from without the organization'. She said this in Her Loving Motherly way, as if She were teasing us Children. i then became aware that the Divine Message, which i had esteemed as very important, indeed was, from Her very Own Words that day, when i was present to hear them.

When Shri Mataji said these words, myself having come from an eschatological background of Christianity and having studied Christian Theology at an International Bible College in Canada, i understood very well Her meaning. i therefore took the words into my heart to remember them and wonder at them and pray that the leaders will do Her bidding, for surely Sahaja Yoga were going to do this job of spreading Shri Mataji's Message to the whole World!

At the time, i thought that management would do something about the Divine Message, and that it (management) just needed to get their 'minds around it somehow' and it would happen. i also realized it would not be an easy job.

We yogis at this time were really in the hands of leaders, as Shri Mataji said we should listen to them. So we did. We relied on them to manage us. We also had to be our own gurus, of course, as well. But we depended on the leaders to guide and manage us to do Shri Mataji's bidding. Little did we know at the time, that this Divine Message was actually being thwarted, and Shri Mataji must have known, otherwise, She may not have had to say the Words... "Then it is up to you. We'll see if you can do it", if this was not the case.

Looking in hindsight, it seems to me that already there must have been an unofficial WCASY leadership not wishing to go down the Divine Message road, even at that time. These are probably the same individuals who are now part of the official WCASY leadership.

So please bear with me, while i try to find more clues to know the dates of the other one of the last two visits.

Then we can have a better understanding and piece together the sequence of events.

However, if any other yogi has information to help, that would be appreciated.


P.S. On the last visit to Austalia, Sir C.P. was there. This is the date i have yet to find.

However, now i believe i have answered my own question.

When Shri Mataji gave this Divine Message, Sir C.P. was not there. Only Shri Mataji was there. Vinay Srivastava, her family relation was there. So, now i can say with confidence that it was definitely on the Tour of March/April 1994 that Shri Mataji gave this Divine Message Request.


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