Witnessing Resurrection Of Jesus

"In his risen body he passes from the state of death to another life beyond time and space. At Jesus' Resurrection his body is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit... But no one was an eyewitness to Christ's Resurrection and no evangelist describes it. No one can say how it came about physically.”- Cardinal Ratzinger

Dawn of the Golden Age of Last Judgment - by His Resurrection Jesus has given the definitive proof of the general resurrection.” width=
Dawn of the Golden Age of the Resurrection and Last Judgment

On Good Friday, April 1, 1994, on the eve of Lalita's birth, there was a discussion between Kash's father and a friend about the Resurrection of Shri Jesus. Since both were non-Christians their idea about the very foundation of Christianity was vague.

Kash, who was listening nearby, inquired about the meaning of Resurrection and was explained the little that was known. The Sahaja Yogi friend suggested that he should ask Shri Mataji if he could witness this unprecedented event, the very heart and soul of Christianity. It was indeed Jesus Christ's supreme proof to humans that they are not this physical body but the eternal Spirit.

The 14-year-old child went into the room to meditate and instantly reached the Kingdom of God. He emerged through the spiritual clouds and reached the Divine Dimension within that the ancient Gnostics had revealed centuries ago.

The Everlasting Light shone ever so dazzlingly from above the Eternal Throne as the Great Holy Spirit sat in Bliss and Joy. She greeted him with a smile as Kash bowed deeply to Her.

After the usual exchange of greetings he asked if She could show him exactly how the Resurrection of Lord Jesus took place. (On Earth Shri Mataji claimed that it is possible as "everything that was in the past since creation resides dormant in the Collective Subconscious.”} If Shri Jesus did actually resurrect His physical body into the Spirit, then this supreme feat would still be accessible through the portals of the Time Dimension.

The Spirit-Paraclete agreed to take him two millenniums back!

She got down from the Eternal Throne, stood up, extended Her hands with palms facing upwards, and told Her child to put his palms above them. As Kash did so he felt himself being uplifted above the thick, soft carpet of clouds on which they were standing. They started moving and were soon traveling back into the past, at speeds far beyond human comprehension.

At that speed everything became a blur as all familiar celestial landmarks disappeared. The Divine Mother was taking him into a time dimension that the ancients knew existed, and modern scientists acknowledge is possible if one travels faster than time.

Soon they came to the exact spot where Shri Jesus lay buried. About 20-25 Divine Beings were already sitting down on the ground in a circle around it. They were all waiting for the arrival of the Supreme Spirit of God, the Great Adi Shakti.

The Great Divine Mother had taken Kash back into the past to the exact spot and time where one of the most spectacular of God Almighty's Revelation took place. They were just minutes away from Shri Jesus Resurrection! They had in fact gone back into the past, a possibility still beyond human comprehension or ability, but a common mode of time travel for the Divine Beings.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
"The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, also
called the Church of the Resurrection by
Eastern Christians, is a church within the
walled Old City of Jerusalem. It is a few
steps away from the Muristan. The site is
venerated as Golgotha (the Hill of Calvary),
where Jesus was crucified, and is said also to
contain the place where Jesus was buried
(the sepulchre). The church has been an
important Christian pilgrimage destination
since at least the 4th century, as the
purported site of the resurrection of Jesus.”
— Wikipedia December 3, 2011

Kash was in Golgotha, outside the walls of Jerusalem, and about to witness and confirm the most profound proof and Truth ever propounded to the human race that they are not this physical body but the Spirit.

This act of supreme sacrifice to provide living proof of spiritual immortality over physical death stands heads and shoulders above any sacrifice of God Almighty's Messengers! For this unsurpassed feat Shri Jesus has been bestowed the title of Shri Mahavishnu in the Kingdom of God, the highest honor among the Divine Unity. Thus no one - no matter what his or her earthly position, penance, or religion - enters the Kingdom of God without His permission. This is the Decree of the Great Adi Shakti Herself!

Kash noticed that the burial place consisted of a 'hole in a rock.' The object plugging the entrance to the burial chamber had apparently been removed, exposing a cavity in the knoll. Though he could not see the actual body as it was dark inside, he knew that the Crucified One was within as the entire Divine Unity of God Almighty had encircled it.

The Spirit of the Living God and Her child joined them and sat in the meditative stance.?

Suddenly a dazzling ray of Light shone diagonally from the heavens, onto the tomb of Shri Jesus. As they continued sitting in the meditative positions Shri Jesus emerged through the rock tomb in deep meditation. The Universal Savior was a Spirit again just like His Celestial Brethren!

Then all present joined the Resurrected One in meditation and rose higher and higher into the heavens. The Light continued shining all the way as they ascended into His Dominion, still in deep meditation.

After emerging through the celestial clouds everyone stood up as they had reached the dwelling place of Jesus Christ. Tears of Joy streamed down the cheeks of the Heavenly Hosts as the Divine Unity humbled before the Universal Savior, in deep appreciation and immense respect for the highest sacrifice any Incarnation had voluntarily undertaken. Ignorant humans had tortured a member of the Divine Family to death, under the most painful and barbaric conditions. Now His ordeal was finally over and He had triumphed over death. But of far more significance is that by resurrecting Himself the Savior had given irrefutable proof that all humans are the spirit destined for the eternal Afterlife. No amount of words can ever do justice to a supreme sacrifice performed with matchless humility.

Before leaving Jesus Christ all the Immortal Divine Beings bowed deeply, one after another, in Namaskar before the Son of God Almighty. The whole atmosphere was charged with emotion, and no one spoke a word as they lined up to pay their deepest respects to the greatest Cosmic Warrior ever.

Shri Ganesha, with hands folded in silence, bowed deeply to the Son of God Almighty. Shri Shiva and Parvati, with hands clasped in Namaskar, bowed in obeisance to the Son of the Creator. Shri Radha and Krishna, with hands joined in humility, stooped low in reverence to the Son of Allah. Shri Sita and Rama, with hands held together, bent down in absolute reverence to the Son of Sadashiva. Shri Buddha, with hands embrace together, bowed His head in speechless deference to the Son of the Maker. Shri Mataji and Kash, with hands held together, bent deeply in sheer veneration to the Son of the Supreme Being.

Then slowly everyone dispersed and returned to their own abodes.

Kash, after reaching the Land of eternal Light, asked the Holy Mother for leave and bowed to Her. He then closed his spiritual eyes and slowly began descending from Heaven, back to this decaying world of pedophile priests and murdering mullahs.

Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected by God Almighty - This Revealed Truth is Absolute!

Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected as a Spiritual Being - This Revealed Truth is Absolute!

Lord Jesus' Christ Resurrection was witnessed by the Holy Spirit (Adi Shakti) and the Incarnations - This Revealed Truth is Absolute!

The present ongoing Resurrection transforms physical humans into eternal spirits - This Revealed Truth is Absolute!

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Spirit-Paraclete

“The Message of His life is not the Cross but the Resurrection. He was resurrected. That was one of the things He did so that now you can be resurrected. Every Incarnation is something unique. But the end of it was the Resurrection. He did it because He had to die. Otherwise how can you resurrect yourself? There are lots of things which look difficult but which are not. There are some who say that Christ never resurrected Himself.

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Christmas Puja, India - December 25, 1993

“I am happy to know so many of you have come here and I feel this is a very important Puja, not only for Australia but for the whole world, because it has the greatest Message which we have actualized now in Sahaja Yoga. We have to understand the Message of Christ.

There are many people in this world who try to show off that they are very great rationalists and they have a right to pass any remark they like about Christ. I was reading the newspapers today. I was surprised where they are all saying one by one that, 'I reject this part of Christ that He was born with Immaculate Conception. I reject that He was resurrected. I reject this and I reject that.'

Who are you? Because you can write, because you have a flair, how can you say such things? Just without finding out, you are a scholar, maybe you are very well read, maybe that you think you are capable of saying whatever you like about any subject, but subject of spirituality cannot be dealt by people who are not even Self-Realized.”

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Resurrection; Helping Each Other, Easter Puja Talk
Sydney, Australia, April 3, 1994

"The Resurrection of Christ, a central doctrine of Christianity, is based on the belief that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead on the third day after his Crucifixion and that through his conquering of death all believers will subsequently share in his victory over ''sin, death, and the devil.' The celebration of this event, called Easter, or the Festival of the Resurrection, is the major feast day of the church. The accounts of the Resurrection of Jesus are found in the four Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - and various theological expressions of the early church's universal conviction and consensus that Christ rose from the dead are found throughout the rest of the New Testament.”

Britannica Online

"People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

Albert Einstein

Time Travel: Can we go back in time?

Hyperspace, Michio Kaku
"Although time does slow down when you increase your velocity, you cannot go faster than the speed of light (and hence make time go backward) because special relativity states that your mass would become infinite in the process. Thus the faster-than-light travel method preferred by most science-fiction writers contradicts the special theory of relativity....

Most scientists, who have not seriously studied Einstein's equations, dismiss time travel as poppycock, with as much validity as lurid accounts of kidnappings by space aliens. However, the situation is actually quite complex....

Proponents of time travel point out that Einstein's equations for general relativity do allow some forms of time travel. They acknowledge however, that the energies necessary to twist time into a circle are so great that Einstein's equations break down. In the physically interesting region where time travel becomes a serious possibility, quantum theory takes over from general relativity.

Einstein's equations, we recall, state that the curvature or bending of space and time is determined by the matter-energy content of the universe. It is, in fact, possible to find configurations of matter-energy powerful enough to force the bending of time and allow for time travel.”

Michio Kaku, Hyperspace
Anchor; 1 edition (Feb. 1 1995) p. 233

Ancient Light, Alan Lightman
"Prominent scientists are now just beginning to realize that some semblance of this dimension does exist. MIT senior lecturer in physics Alan Lightman, a scientific spectator just beginning to observe the simple tricks of the Cosmic Magician, describes it as the 'no-boundary proposal: An initial (boundary) condition for the universe proposed by Stephen Hawking and James Hartle... so that time is replaced by a space-coordinate, in effect representing the universe as having 4 space dimensions instead of 3 space dimensions and a time dimension. (In such a formulation, 'time' does not have its usual meaning.)'"

Alan Lightman, Ancient Light
Harvard University Press; Revised ed. edition (Jan. 1 1993)

Peter Occhiogrosso, The Joy of Sects
"The Hebrew word used to denominate God in Genesis is Elohim. This word is plural from the feminine singular ALH (Eloh) by adding IM to it. Since IM is the termination of the masculine plural, added to a feminine noun it makes ELOHIM a female potency united to a male principle, and thus capable of having an offspring. The same intended misconception is given in the Christian idea of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. In the Kabbalah the Deity manifests simultaneously as Mother and Father and thus begets the Son. We are told that the Holy Spirit is essentially masculine, but the Hebrew word used in the Scriptures to denote spirit is Ruach, a feminine noun. The Holy Spirit is really The Mother, and thus the Christian Trinity properly translated should be Father, Son and Mother. (Migene Gonzalez-Wippler, A Kabbalah For The Modern World.)"

Peter Occhiogrosso, The Joy of Sects
Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc., 1996 p. 243.

The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Paigels
"Indeed, the absence of feminine symbolism for God marks Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in striking contrast to the world's other religious traditions, whether in Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, and Rome, or in Africa, India, and North America, which abound in feminine symbolism....

The Greek terminology for the Trinity, which includes the neuter term for spirit (pneuma) virtually requires that the third 'Person' of the Trinity be asexual. But the author of the Secret Book has in mind the Hebrew term for spirit, ruah, a feminine word; and so concludes that the feminine 'Person' conjoined with the Father and Son must be The Mother. The Secret Book goes on to describe the divine Mother: ... (She is) ... the image of the invisible, virginal, perfect spirit ... She became The Mother of everything, for she existed before them all, The Mother-father [matropater] ...

The Gospel to the Hebrews likewise has Jesus speak of 'my Mother, the Spirit.' In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus contrasts his Earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, with his divine Father - the Father of Truth - and his divine Mother, the Holy Spirit.”

Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels
Random House NY, 1989, p. 48-52.

"The Resurrection

The origin of Christianity is not to be sought in the teaching of Jesus, or even in his call of the twelve disciples to follow him. Christianity was born with the resurrection and glorification of Jesus on Easter Day. The historian can neither prove nor disprove the miraculous events of the first Easter Day recorded in all the Four Gospels. What is certain that something happened and that, as a result, a new faith was born. Even those who question the 'empty tomb' or the accounts of the resurrection of Jesus cannot deny the reality of the 'resurrection faith' of the early Christians.”

Geoffrey Parrinder, World Religions: From Ancient History to Present
Facts on File; Subsequent edition (March 1984)

The World's Religions, Peter Clarke
"Jesus in Jewish eyes

The province of Judea in the time of Jesus was a seething cauldron of discontent. Deeply divided in religious matters and resentful of Roman occupation, it was a society that spawned a number or religious and quasi-religious prophets, who gathered followers about them and walked from town to town proclaiming their particular message. Some of these were cranks, some crooks, and a few were genuine - even inspired - religious figures who ardently desired the restoration of Israel's political and religious integrity.

In the eyes of the Jewish religious leaders of the time, Jesus must have seemed an incautious and even misguided example of these prophets. They would probably have acknowledged that Jesus was a successful healer and a good moral teacher, but condemned his attacks on contemporary religious practice and teaching as being exaggerated. These religious leaders would also have argued that Jesus brought about his own downfall as a result of his insensitive approach to the delicate relationship that they had to maintain with the Roman authorities; and, finally, tales of his miraculous resurrection from the dead were simply fabricated by his followers in an attempt to keep his movement alive.”

Dr. Peter B. Clarke, The World's Religions
Routledge; 1 edition (Jan. 15 2009)

"The arrest, trial, and sacrifice of Jesus scattered the faithful. Soon after the arrest, Peter, Jesus' favorite disciple, denied him three times. It is certain that Jesus' preaching, and perhaps even his name, would have sunk into oblivion but for a strange episode that is incomprehensible except to believers: the resurrection of the victim.”

Mircea Eliade, A History of Religious Ideas Volume 2

"Angels have been present since creation and throughout the history of salvation, announcing this salvation from afar or near and serving the accomplishment of the divine plan ... Again, it is the angels who 'evangelize' by proclaiming the Good News of Christ's Incarnation and Resurrection. [199] They will be present at Christ's return, which they will announce, to serve at his judgement.”[200](199. Cf. Lk 2:8-14; Mk 16:5-7; 200. Cf. Acts 1:10-11; Mt 13:41; 24:31; Lk 12:8-9.)

J. Cardinal Ratzinger, Catechism of the Catholic Church

"O truly blessed Night, sings the Exulted of the Easter Vigil, which alone deserved to know the time and the hour when Christ rose from the realm of the dead! [5] But no one was an eyewitness to Christ's Resurrection and no evangelist describes it. No one can say how it came about physically. Still less was its innermost essence, his passing over to another life, perceptible to the senses. Although the Resurrection was an historical event that could be verified by the sign of the empty tomb and by the reality of the apostles' encounters with the risen Christ, still it remains at the very heart of the mystery of faith as something that transcends and surpasses history. This is why the risen Christ does not reveal himself to the world, but to his disciples, 'to those people who came up with him from Galilee to Jerusalem, who are now his witnesses to the people.'[6]'...

(5.”O vere beata nox, quae sola meruit scire tempus et horam, in qua Christus ad inferis resurrexit!" 6. Acts 13:31; cf. Jn 14:22.)"

Catechism of the Catholic Church

"There is a higher power which enables us to grasp the central spiritual Reality. Man has the faculty of mystic intuition by which he transcends the distinctions of intellect and solves the riddles of reason. By this intuitive realisation, the unheard becomes heard, the unperceived becomes perceived, and the unknown becomes known to the chosen spirits. The knowledge of Reality is attained by the mystics in their intuitive experience as flashes and direct immediate insight. In the mystic experience the soul finds itself in the presence of the highest which includes all other things in it. In this experience the seer belongs to God and is One with Him. This experience is not objective; it is not verifiable by others. Since it is not inferential it cannot be communicated to others.”

Pritam Singh Gill, The Trinity of Sikhism

"The Avatar of Jesus, under the name of Maha-Vishnu (the Great Vishnu) was announced in the Indian holy scriptures. 'The creation of Lord Jesus Christ as Maha-Vishnu, the son of Shri Krishna (signifying the Supreme God) was foretold in Markandeya's' Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam: 'Constellations and galaxies of energy are roaring in each dust particle of His skin. Mother Mary, the incarnation of Mahaluxshmi, will see this cosmic giant of divine forces, Her Son, being hung on a cross to die'" (L. Heart, p.164).

Here there are some excerpts from the Indian text (9th book, chapt. III) describing His birth: "Narayana said ... There was a powerful Child, lustrous like one thousand millions of sun... This Boy is the Sole Stay of all this Universe and He is denominated by the name 'Maha-Vishnu.' In His every pore countless universes are existing. So much so that even Shri Krishna could not count them... The Lord, the Bestower of boon, granted Him boons appropriate for the moment. 'O Child ! Let You possess knowledge like Me... . Let You be the holder of innumerable Brahmandas (universes) until the time of Pralaya (universal dissolution). Be without any selfishness, be fearless and the bestower of boons to all....' Thus saying, He repeated thrice on His ear the six-lettered great Mantra... . Shri Krishna then spoke in sweet words: 'O Child ! Let You divide Yourself in parts and turn into smaller Viratas in every universe. Brahma will spring from Your navel and will create the cosmos. From the forehead of that Brahma will spring eleven Rudras for the destruction of creation. But they will all be parts of Shiva. The Rudra named Kalagni, of these eleven Rudras, will be the destroyer of all this Vishwas (universes). Besides from each of Your sub-divisions, the Vishnu will originate and the Bhagavan Vishnu will be the Preserver of this Vishwa... . Your Mother, Who resides in My breast, will be no difficult for You to see... .' Saying thus Shri Krishna, the Lord of World disappeared... . Thus, from the pores of the great Virata each universe has sprung and in every universe there is one small Virata, one Brahma, one Vishnu and one Shiva and Sanaka and others.”

Dan Costian, Bible Enlightened

"In his risen body he passes from the state of death to another life beyond time and space. At Jesus' Resurrection his body is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit ...

But no one was an eyewitness to Christ's Resurrection and no evangelist describes it. No one can say how it came about physically. Still less was its innermost essence, his passing over to another life, perceptible to the senses. Although the Resurrection was an historical event that could be verified by the sign of the empty tomb and by the reality of the apostle's encounters with the risen Christ, still it remains at the heart of the mystery of faith as something that transcends and surpasses history.”

Cardinal Ratzinger, Catechism of the Catholic Church

"'If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.'[520] The Resurrection above all constitutes the confirmation of all Christ's works and teachings. All truths, even those most inaccessible to human reason, find their justification if Christ by his Resurrection has given the definitive proof of his divine authority, which he had promised.

Christ's Resurrection is the fulfillment of the promises both of the Old testament and of Jesus himself during his earthly life. [521] ...

The truth of Jesus' divinity is confirmed by his Resurrection. He had said: 'When you have lifted up the Son of man, then you will know that I am he.'[523] ...

Christ's Resurrection - and the risen Christ himself - is the principle and source of our future resurrection.”

(520. 1 Cor 15:14.) (521. Cf. Mt 28:6; Mk 16:7; Lk 24:6-7, 26-27, 44-48.) (523. Jn 8:28.)

J. Cardinal Ratzinger, Catechism of the Catholic Church

"The Historical Probability of the Resurrection

No one saw the resurrection of Jesus. All that was seen was the resurrected Jesus. If, then, a resurrection took place, it must be demonstrated with a reasonable degree of certainty, historiographically speaking, that Jesus actually died and then was seen at some later time alive and in bodily form. A brief sketch of the Gospel testimony runs something like this: 1) Jesus died; 2) was buried in a sealed and guarded tomb; 3) the tomb was found empty three days later and 4) Jesus was seen alive and the disciples held the belief of his resurrection.”


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